Whether after a long day of classes or a morning of oversleeping, we all shuffle through the crowds at MGC only to be stumped when it comes to choosing where to eat. But no more! Spoon AU presents the official ranking of the restaurants in the Mary Graydon Center. 

Elliott Parrish

#6. Wonk Burger

We honestly don't know what to tell you if you frequent Wonk Burger on the daily except that we're sorry. Also, how's basketball going? 

Those searching for a mediocre burger and fries need look no further. If you're looking for a place to recover from last night's festivities Wonk Burger is the place for you. It's greasy but what did you expect?  You should WONK better. 

#5 Pom and Honey 

Okay, okay we know...this one is controversial. Although Pom and Honey might be a fan favorite of some, we think that it leaves much to be desired. The lentils provide some much needed protein but the toppings are hit or miss. That said, vegetarian options are limited on this campus (cough cough AU Dining). If Pom and Honey is your jam, more power to you. 

Overall, we don't blame you for your daily Pom and Honey cravings but check our our #1 restaurant if you want something new. 

#4 Hissho Sushi 

This restaurant is right in the middle of the road. Although the sushi itself is what we want, the portion sizes moved Hissho Sushi to the #4 spot. Is it just us or does the meal swipe sushi keep shrinking? 

All superstitions aside, Hissho Sushi is a favorite of those looking for a snack to tide them over. It's remarkably consistent (a miracle in our book) and hits the spot. 

#3 Absurd Bird 

Here you'll find your classic college meal. This is definitively the best chicken on AU's campus. The fried chicken is crispy, fully cooked, and moist. Let's be honest here. There isn't much more that we can ask from chicken that emerged from MGC. 

#2 Einstein Bagel Bros 

You're not an AU student if you don't have a love-hate relationship with Einstein's. Yes, sometimes the smear is only spread on half of your bagel. Yes, you occasionally cry after get yelled at for not picking up your order. But after all that, you keep going back to Einstein's again and again. Don't you? 

We at Spoon AU aren't trying to argue that this is the best bagel in the world. Rather, we know that you love it. We love it. Everyone loves it. And, for that reason, it is arguably in the top two restaurants in MGC. 

#1 District Pickle 

That's right! District Pickle takes the number one spot. This kosher deli is everything that we could ask for. The challah rolls that sandwich your favorite deli combinations are baked fresh every day. And, the falafel wrap is the most satisfying vegetarian option in MGC. Don't even get us started on the brownies (run don't walk). 

Seriously, if you haven't had District Pickle, you're missing out. Pom and Honey stans—this should be your new go-to. 

Parting Words

Whether you've been enlightened or offended, we hope you've enjoyed Spoon AU's official ranking of the food hubs in MGC and that whatever food you eat makes you (and your stomach) happy. Happy snacking!