After the respectable mourning period, the first thing to come to mind after a beloved eatery closes is what will replace it. It was not long after Yogoberry closed that Roots Natural Kitchen took its place, bringing another fast-casual dining option to Main Street.

Here's what to expect of the new hot spot: 

The Atmosphere

beer, tea, coffee
Casey Irwin

Fast-casual dining is the all too familiar, quick but quality filled option that can already be found at Chipotle and Honey Grow. The food is nice on the body and the restaurant is nice on the eyes. The open space and light colors contrasts the quick pace of the moving line.

tea, beer, sushi, coffee
Casey Irwin

What really makes Roots different is what ingredients they are offering and how they make an experience. Fiona Carbone, Roots employee and Dietetics major, loves the environment and how they "try to make healthy eating fun." Mission accomplished. 

The Menu

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Roots has options for everyone on all ends of the health nut to couch potato spectrum. All you have to do is go along the line and watch the magic happen, or work with them as you create your own.

The El Jeffe signature bowl is definitely a crowd pleaser, but the menu offers a variety of combinations. You also can't go wrong with any given veggie, meat, grain and dressing creation. 

The Root of Roots

broccoli, vegetable, curry
Casey Irwin

If Roots' first month open says anything about their first year as a new business, then they're off on a great start. They're taking fast-casual in a healthy-but-approachable direction and students are loving it. It was kind of a no-brainer after the first Roots took UVA by storm.

It is one thing to have a stream of customers, but it is another to have the same people constantly coming back for more. Being the new kid isn't going to stop Roots Natural Kitchen.