If you’ve never heard of Tin Pot, you’re in luck. It’s spring—you have an excuse to eat ice cream every day (right?). Tin Pot is the place to do just that. Found in Town & Country Village, Tin Pot offers our traditional favorites with a twist, as well as some freshly made, exotic flavors.

However with only 3 free samples per person, and so many tantalizing possibilities, you must choose wisely. To help you come prepared, we’ve put together our top 10.

tin pot

Photo by Emily Edelman

10. ChocoCoco *Vegan*

A chocolate and coconut combo. Great option for chocolate lovers and lactose intolerants.

9. Salted Butterscotch

Strikes the perfect balance between salty and sweet. You’re left with a sweet buttery aftertaste.

8. Cookie Monster

The ultimate cookie dough ice cream with a twist. Aka more kinds of cookies. ‘Nuff said.

7. Earl Grey Tea

Who knew this could be made into such a light, fragrant, floral ice cream. A frozen, creamy version of your mornin’ tea.

6. Peanut Butter Fudge Brownie

Peanut butter lovers. This is for you. (And who doesn’t love an added bit of chewy chocolate)

tin pot

Photo by Julia Asin

5. Roasted Banana Fudge Ripple

Rich banana flavor with a touch of chocolate makes it one of our favorite exotic flavors. Get inspired and make it on your own with this two-ingredient banana ice-cream recipe.

 4. Cinnamon Snickerdoodle

That touch of cinnamon will keep you asking for more. A lot more.

3. Malted Milk with Milk Chocolate Pieces

A twist on the classic vanilla ice cream with chocolate pieces. You’d be surprised at how much tastier the malt makes it. Slightly sweeter but comes with a lot more depth.

2. Brown Butter Pecan

Those rich, crunchy bits are addictive. Chewy and salty and sweet and creamy and… dreamy.

1. Four Barrel Coffee with Cocoa Nib Toffee

Coffee, chocolate and toffee swirled into vanilla ice cream strikes a PERFECT balance between sweet, edgy and exotic. You can’t go wrong here.

tin pot

Photo courtesy of A Girl in Transit

Bonus: They’re just plain adorable in there. #HAPPYSPRING

tin pot

Photo by Grace Goettman

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