During the school year, I am resigned to eating the only donuts available at my local, subpar gas station Dunkin’ Donuts. That’s even more depressing than it sounds if you believe that donuts are one of the five main food groups.


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Working at The Donut Hole in Santa Rosa Beach this summer has allowed me to be surrounded by donuts almost every day, but all donuts are not created equal.


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Taste of the South Magazine sums up my feelings for The Donut Hole perfectly when they point out that “you can’t go wrong.” Now that I have the privilege of consuming enormous amounts of The Donut Hole’s delectable treats, I have come to love some of their more unsung heroes.

Here are my current favorites:

1. The Apple Spiced Crumb Filled


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Do you see the beauty that is the front donut on the right? The Apple Spiced Crumb Filled Donut is no beauty queen like the red velvet, but when warmed and eaten with vanilla ice cream, it tastes exactly like warm apple pie. Caution: may cause tears of joy when eaten.

2. The Sour Cream


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Peeking out of the top left corner is the magical Sour Cream Donut. Altogether different than regular glazed yeast donut and the old fashioned cake, I can’t seem to stop eating them after having my first one a few weeks ago. I fear that I may be addicted.

3. The Chocolate-Covered Devil’s Food


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Until a month ago, I was a firm believer that yeast donuts were far superior to cake donuts in every way. Newsflash: I was wrong. I could eat this fudgy, icing-covered chocolate cake donut (seen on the middle left, facing upwards) every day for the rest of my life and never touch another yeast donut. If you dream of swimming in a pool of liquid chocolate, this is the donut for you.

What If You Don’t Like Donuts?


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The Key Lime Pie can seduce anyone and is a must have if you happen to catch us before they have all flown off of the shelves.


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If Key Lime Pie doesn’t bring you to your knees, breakfast is served all day long from 6 am until 10 pm.


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The “Diet” Plate and a donut a day keep the doctor away, so for the sake of your health and happiness, pick up a box of donuts when you’re at the beach.