Our love for Pizza is unsuppressible. This is the only reason why we all flock to places like La Pino'z and Dominos on Wednesdays when we get a pizza free for each pizza we buy or the amazing buffet at The Canadian Pizza and stuff ourselves with as much good stuff as possible. Now, since we have such amazing places located in the vicinity of the college, we decided to taste each and every pizza place and finally put the battle of supremacy to a really cheesy end, and put it in stone which is the "best pizza place in Patiala"

6. Mendos/Pizza Nation

These are the two places that I have never come to like. Each time I have tasted their Pizzas, I have never quite as much reached the level of euphoria I had wanted to reach. Despite being expensive on the pocket of an average student, neither their food nor their ambience lived up to my expectation and hence they cling to the bottom of the ladder in our list of the pizza places in Patiala.

5. Canadian Pizza  

Though I am really big fan of their buffet menu (It is super cheap and super filling), Canadian Pizza has the disadvantage of being located a wee bit too far from the campus and is often inaccessible to the students who just want to grab a quick bite considering the present college timings. 

4. La Pino'z

La Pino'z holds the edge over Canadian Pizza in only one aspect- It is super close to the university campus and gives us an excellent opportunity to have Pizza between lectures. Though some of their offers are out of the world (Like getting an extra large Pizza free on the purchase of an extra large pizza) and one-on-one on all the pizzas on Wednesdays and Fridays, La Pino'z does offer some horrible sides, and their place can really make you feel claustrophobic. 

3. Domino's

Okay, I know Domino's getting a lowly third isn't fair, but to be honest, their Pizzas are really costly, even on offer days and you end up with regret and not a full stomach. They do boast some excellent sides and are not that far away from college, but the price is the real pinching factor which pegs it at third.

2. Boston Bites

Boston Bites has managed to rule our hearts ever since it commenced operations. It is super affordable, and have wood fired Pizzas. Though they are not only limited to Pizzas, their beverage line-up and Pizza menu are all worthy of swooning and each one of them deserves a try (except the Nutella-Banana Pizza; God knows what were they thinking).

1. Pizza Hut

No, we are not getting into the age old debate of Pizza Hut being better than Domino's, because frankly, it actually is. Pizza Hut boasts some amazing sides, and though it isn't too really friendly on the pocket, their line-up of Pizzas would trump Domino's any day (Make sure you try the Italian line-up of Pizzas, especially the one with chicken sausages and no I have not accepted any bribes).