Walking into The Hyppo, it's easy to be a little overwhelmed. With so many flavor options, where do you even begin? Lucky for you (and just in time for summer), a few generous employees of The Hyppo have decided to share their top ice pop picks with us! So keep reading - this is going to get pretty sweet.

The Hyppo has two broad categories of ice pops: creamy and fruity. Creamy options have dairy in them, tend to be sweeter, and feel more like dessert. The fruit pops are dairy-free, super refreshing, and light. I asked employees to share their favorites with me, naming either one selection from both categories or just an overall fave.

If you want to know more about what The Hyppo has to offer, check out this stellar article on a few of their Florida locations and why they rock so much. 


Creamy Pick: Avocado Cream

Robbye, the first employee I interviewed, jumped straight to this fun flavor as his top pick. It's sweet, creamy, and a total slam-dunk for any avocado lovers out there. This pop manages to be delectable without weighing you down, leaving room for more dessert, of course.

Fruity Pick: Prickly Pear

Robbye's next top pick was this fruity pop. Now, don't get Prickly Pear confused with The Hyppo's Riesling Pear or Pear Pie flavors because this bad boy actually comes from a cactus fruit! I've heard the taste of prickly pears be described as sweet and fruity all at once, like candy mixed with watermelon. It came as no shock that Robbye described this ice pop as being one of their most unique in the whole shop!


Overall Pick: Blueberry Lavender Lemonade

Justine had one top pick that she raved about: Blueberry Lavender Lemonade. What makes this ice pop so great is that each of the three flavors not only blend beautifully but also shine independently. You can taste the blueberry, lavender, and lemonade without any of the three tastes getting hidden or overpowered. And let's be honest, what's summer without some berries, flowers, and lemonade? No objections here!


Creamy Pick: Avocado Dark Chocolate

What makes this flavor a top pick for Noah is its delicious, relatively guilt-free creaminess. Sure, it's a chocolate pop. It feels like you're really spoiling yourself with this one. But the rich, creamy taste of this flavor mostly comes from the avocado! Since avocado eaters are truly the picture of health, it's hard to feel guilty about picking this pop. As far as desserts go, this one basically qualifies as self-care.

Fruity Pick: Cucumber Lemon Mint

Noah recommended this flavor because it's a great, refreshing option for the summer. The energizing mint, the zesty lemon, and the hydrating cucumber all combine to make this one of the freshest, brightest flavor options available at The Hyppo! Like a detox drink on a stick, I consider myself one step closer to the perfect summer bod after trying this one myself.

So while the semester is winding down (and the heat is kicking up), do yourself a favor and pay a visit to your local Hyppo, or treat yourself to one of their pops at a Publix near you! If you're having trouble making up your mind, take some advice from the experts, and give one of these recommended flavors a try. Don't worry - you can't go wrong no matter what you pick...unless you don't pick any at all. Then what are you even doing?

Go forth and eat some ice pops!