Within 2 miles of each other, there are 3 restaurants serving up delicious appetizers, salads and sandwiches all branching from the same powerhouse restaurant group— The Hillstone Resturant Group. The Hillstone Restaurant Group is home of 15 stellar restaurants across the country offering delicious and fresh flavors in all their dishes. In the state of Texas, there are 6 locations, 3 of which are located in the powerhouse of Dallas. Most people aren't aware how good and unique each of the 3 locations are in Dallas. 

Truth be told, I love these restaurants like no other. I will 9/10 times always want to eat at one of these restaurants from brunch to dinner. I pride myself in my Mama Ding's Chicken Sandwich and will always stay loyal to that tasty sandwich. (heheh) When I am trying to stay healthy, I am always down for some Ahi Tuna or a Macho Salad (with all white meat) to satisfy my cravings too. 

1. Honor Bar

Located in Highland Park Village is Honor Bar. This dark seated restaurant serves up the Macho Salad, a highly acclaimed item of the restaurant group and is only restaurant that has it in D-Town. The cute outdoor patio is perfect for cooler weather days. 

2. R&D Kitchen

R&D is a fan favorite with oozing flavors and a great stellar environment. This restaurant offers the signature Carnitas Sandwich, with the thick bun and always ripe avocado--my mouth is watering just thinking about it. This restaurant also offers sushi rolls to spice up your meal. 

3. Hillstone Restaurant

Using the group’s name for their restaurant title, The Hillstone Restaurant brings you a home-cooked aroma with high class at all times. This restaurant provides your mouth with a one-of-a-kind experience with their seasonal artichokes. These artichokes   are seasoned to perfection and an item you don't want to miss when they are available.

What is quite fascinating across the Hillstone restaurant groups is how similar the ambiences are. Even across the nation, the interior has similar characteristics with flare to the location of the restaurant. From the thick leather booths to large white plates, are always classy and the superb staff at these restaurants are always a fan favorite. Regardless of which location you decide to dine at, these powerhouse restaurants will always have you leaving full and wanting to come back for some more.

 P.S. Make sure you add some French Fries to any order!