Founders of The Granola Bar, Julie Mountain and Dana Noorily, are bringing their overwhelmingly popular healthy food establishment to Fairfield, Connecticut. For those of you unaware of this breakfast and lunch oasis, the menu features a variety of delicious choices such as hot and cold beverages, smoothies, avocado toast, yogurt parfaits, eggs, wraps, sandwiches, salad and quinoa bowls. The Granola Bar of Fairfield will be opening its doors on Black Rock Turnpike this winter. 

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I sat down with Julie and Dana to get a taste of what’s to come at The Granola Bar of Fairfield.

Alexandra: Hi @granolygirls! As a Fairfield University student, I can say Fairfield residents and students are very eager for the opening of TGB Fairfield. Can you briefly describe what the Fairfield location will be like?

Julie: The Granola Bar of Fairfield is going to be a lot like The Granola Bar of Westport, but with a little more of a modern/brighter TGB look. The location has gorgeous outdoor seating which we will keep open as long possible.

Dana: TGB of Fairfield has an intimate feel to it and includes aspects of each of The Granola Bar stores. 

Julie: Specifically, bar seating like TGB of Greenwich and a communal table like TGB of Armonk.

Photo courtesy of Morgan Ione Photography

Alexandra: What made you bring The Granola Bar to Fairfield?

Dana: Fairfield is an underserved market. We have customers who come to Westport, but they will frequent the Black Rock location more often. In addition, we will be able to better serve college students.

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Julie: In addition, the entire area seemed to be without a healthy breakfast and lunch option.

Alexandra: What is your favorite breakfast item? What about lunch?

Dana: My favorite breakfast item is the Egg Scramble (three eggs scrambled with two toppings). For lunch, I love the Early Bird Special (house turkey sausage, quinoa, roasted sweet potatoes, sautéed brussels & kale, soft egg with peach barbecue sauce)- I also add avocado to it!

Julie: I love avocado toast on paleo flax bread. I like to add chicken to the buddha bowl (warm quinoa, sautéed spinach, avocado, portobello mushrooms, tomato, avocado & your choice of dressing) for lunch.

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Alexandra: What is the most underrated menu option?

Julie: I would say the Overnight Oats (overnight oats made with dates & coconut milk, topped with toasted coconut & choice of granola) or Sweet Potato Buttermilk Pancakes (scratch made & topped with honey cardamom butter). Once people try the oats and the pancakes, they are hooked!

Dana: I think the Quinoa Portobello Burger (house veggie patty, hummus, mixed greens, tomato & miso aioli on a brioche bun). You can add it to anything you want-it's delicious!

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Alexandra: Can you give any hints as to what we could look forward to for the grand opening?

Julie: We will be providing some free samples and have a coffee loyalty card for the first month. Also, we will have some new merchandise available for sale.

Alexandra: #Yaaaaaas, I can’t wait to sport new TGB apparel.

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Alexandra: What else can we look forward to?

Dana: We hope to be the off-campus dining hall for students. We have opened up some new channels so customers can get their food easily. UberEATS will be live in Fairfield once we open.

Julie: The TGB food truck will be back out in March. We are excited for Fairfield to enjoy it! You can have the truck at your event by emailing our Catering Director, Jessica, @

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Alexandra: Having a TGB in Fairfield is a game-changer for my friends and I! We are addicted—avocado toast and yogurt parfaits everyday. We might as well move in...

The Granola Bar of Fairfield is coming soon and is located at 1876 Black Rock Turnpike, Fairfield, CT, 06825. Stay updated with TGB of Fairfield opening details by following @thegranolabar on Instagram and "like" the breakfast and lunch restaurant on Facebook @The Granola Bar of Fairfield. 

Photo courtesy of Morgan Ione Photography
Photo courtesy of Morgan Ione Photography
Photo courtesy of Morgan Ione Photography

Images captured by Morgan Ione Photography