What makes The Garden Room special is the decorative atmosphere and fabulous flavors. Located within steps of Atlanta's St. Regis Hotel, the iconic glass ceiling covered in plants converts your average restaurant experience into a new dimension. The food consists of shareable small plates with exquisite flavors and plating, arriving at your table when they're hot and ready instead of all at once. Each dish that comes out is better than the next. These plates were the highlights of my  experience.

Black Truffle Pillows

Stephanie Yormack

This pasta dish was my favorite plate on the menu because of its decadence and flavorful nature. The pillows are stuffed with black truffle and parmesan cheese, and covered in a light, buttery sauce. With just a few bites it's almost gone, leaving you fork-fighting for the last piece.

Miso Glazed Pork Ribs

Stephanie Yormack

My next favorite dish falls right off the bone and melts into your mouth. The sweet meat is amazing by itself, and even better when paired with the spicy green dipping sauce. The Garden Room puts an Asian flair on a classic American dish here, and its a must-try.


Stephanie Yormack

If there's one dish that defines The Garden Room, it's the Pesto Gnocchi. The gnocchi is topped with zucchini slices and a lemon ricotta dip that is so fresh it tastes nearly earthy. The gnocchi is probably one of the more simple dishes; however, don't be fooled, because the concise flavors know how to pack a punch.

Crab Dip

Stephanie Yormack

I'm not a big fan of crab, but for some reason this one crawled off the menu – and it was absolutely, 100% worth it. The cheesy dip with a hint of lemon is served with crisps that are to die for. My sole critique would be that the dip-to-crisp ratio is a bit uneven, so be prepared to eat the rest with your fork.

The Forbidden Fruit

Stephanie Yormack

The forbidden fruit is always the sweetest. This dish appears as a granny smith apple in a bed of dirt, when in reality, it's a light and fruity dessert with an apple composition in the middle. The dessert is sweet but not overwhelming. An all time fan favorite that is so good, some might not be willing to share.

"Smash Me"

The Smash Me is an interactive and playful dessert that is both fun and delicious. The objective is to forcefully break the chocolate seal at the top of the of the glass that when broken, reveals the chocolate dessert. The chocolate-on-chocolate is balanced with a smooth coconut ganache. In other words, it tasted like a Tiramisu with a hint of coconut.

La Vie En Rose

Stephanie Yormack

This dessert was more of a showstopper than the last. The waiter brings over a vanilla parfait topped with a raspberry sorbet and a rose. The rose is dipped in liquid nitrogen and then hit over the dessert to create a showpiece. This was a Valentine's Day special, so it might be taken off the menu soon –in other words, head over as soon as possible to get a taste.

For an unmatched, magical evening, The Garden Room offers a perfect escape from reality, filled with amazing small plates and unforgettable vibes.