You step onto Disneyland, CA grounds and your inner kid runs rampant.  You begin to get nostalgic — all of those memories going on Dumbo the Flying Elephant, meeting your favorite characters, eating the once-a-year amusement park snacks . . . Hold up, maybe you are too big for the toddler rides or may seem awkward waiting in line next to 5 year olds to see Mickey, but there is no shame in devouring your all-time favorite treats.  And to help you remember what's good at Disneyland, here is a list of THE finger foods that the happiest place on Earth has to offer.

1. Turkey Leg

 A unique item on the menu, the turkey leg is truly an iconic food to try at Disneyland. This hidden gem can only be found at a select number of food stands, so make sure to scout it out.  After biting into its crispy outside, you will reveal some of the juiciest meat you've ever tasted.  Bring your appetite when ordering, though, since this portion is like no other.  

2. Churro

This two-foot long pastry covered in cinnamon sugar will have your tastebuds watering at first sight. These incredible churros are sold at carts all over the park, so don't be worried about not finding them. When waiting in the ridiculously long (but so worth it) line for Space Mountain or Indiana Jones Adventure, have a churro in your hand to make your stomach happy while your tired feet aren't.

3. Beignet

What sounds more delicious than sugary fried dough with Mickey Mouse's face on it?  That's silence I hear.  Found in New Orleans Square, a Mickey beignet is the perfect breakfast to indulge in when you really want to break your diet.  Its pillowy texture and golden color can only put a smile on your face, but make sure to get extra napkins - it could get messy. 

4. Popcorn

Disneyland upgrades this comfort food by creating unique flavors, such as churro, maple bacon, and parmesan garlic.  But don't worry, your favorite classics are available as well.  Every type of popcorn is so addicting, you won't be able to stop at one taste.  Have an overflowing bucket to snack on while roaming the park, or buy a to-go bag from any shop for the ride home! 

5. Corn Dog

To me, a corn dog is not the first snack I would think of getting at an amusement park.  However, Disney's secret batter is one of a kind, leaving you with flavors of buttery cornbread and good ol' hot dog.  Each corn dog is hand-dipped into the batter, evenly coating every inch to give you ultimate satisfaction.  Use the bitter mustard to cut the savory interior and to cool down the fried exterior.


As the Lion King says, Hakuna Matata, since you certainly don't have to worry about having a food flop at Disneyland, CA.  The only thing you'll have to worry about is the money left in your bank account (or lack thereof) after buying and tasting every one of these finger foods.