Donutology has constantly brought new and exciting variations on the classic donut to Kansas City. Now they are treating us with their tastiest combination yet—donuts and  ice cream. The donut ice cream cone called the Donado gets its name from the cone. The swirls and shape of the cone reminded Donutology owner, Andrew Cameron, of a tornado, and hence the name DoNado.  

The Inspiration

Mehr Shah

The inspiration for the cone came from the chimney cake sold in the streets in Hungary. In fact, the infrared grill used to make the cones was actually imported from Hungary.

The Process

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Mehr Shah

The grill takes about 5 minutes to cook these doughy vortexes to perfection. The cones are then topped off with cinnamon sugar (just when you thought it couldn't get any better). Once the cones have cooled down a bit, a generous scoop of Belfonte soft serve vanilla ice cream is added. A donut hole is added to the bottom of the cone so the ice cream does not leak out. 

The Toppings

This is probably my favorite part! There are endless combinations to try. Toppings include sprinkles, candy, chocolate and strawberry drizzle, graham cracker crumbs and their new yogurt pop rocks that are reminiscent of the candy Nerds.

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Mehr Shah

So what are you waiting for? Head over to Donutology today and tackle this delicious storm of flavor.

The DoNado is served daily from noon-closing.