You fellow New Yorkers are probably wondering, what is a Cava Grill? Well, it’s a food chain restaurant that is popular in the DMV area. What is so special about it? It is a Mediterranean Chipotle style restaurant.

Cava Grill is a branch of Cava Mezze, a full service Mediterranean restaurant located only in the DMV. At Cava Grill, you can customize your meal in line, just like Chipotle, but unlike Chipotle, when you decide to dine in, they provide reusable bowls and utensils. They make fast food feel like it is not fast food.

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Recently, the restaurant has been expanding more around the DMV and California. One location that excites me and those who have tried it, is New York City. That is right, Cava Grill is coming to the Big Apple.

So far, the restaurant has one location opening in New York City. It will open in Union Square. Hopefully, there will be more opening in the Empire State. Those who love Chipotle will definitely love Cava Grill when they are craving something Mediterranean. Starting with a base and ending with a flavorful dressing, Cava definitely brings happiness to every customer’s stomach.

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Not only the food is delicious and worth waiting in line for, but their fresh juices are worth it as well. The homemade juices range according to season and are freshly made everyday. It will surely quench your thirst as you walk through the city.

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Cava Grill always has a long line, and it is predictable that the New York City location will have a line circling around. If you’re in the area, make sure you try Cava Grill when it opens, you won’t be sorry.