A week ago, I found myself vacationing in Tokyo, Japan, home to some of the best food in the world. I decided to visit Tokyo DisneySea; unbeknownst to me, I saw that there were eight different flavors sold around the park. As a popcorn enthusiast, I was more than pumped to make the best out of my trip. I’ve composed this list that will help you save your time (as well as money and space in your stomach) if you’re ever exploring Tokyo DisneySea.

I did not manage to take pictures of all the popcorn flavors in respective boxes because I only asked for samples to get a taste of it. I explained to the crew that I had this article in mind and they were more than willing to help me. Also, I would not have the stomach to eat all of the popcorn flavors each in a box. Without further ado, here is the ranking of all popcorn flavors in Tokyo DisneySea as of June 2018.

8) Blueberry

Jennifer Suryadjaja

With a tinge of magenta coating the popped popcorn kernels, DisneySea’s blueberry looks too pretty to eat. I was expecting a strong flavor, but the subtle blueberry essence tasted more like syrup than the actual fruit. Though it may not rank the best, it’s still pretty to put it on your Insta.

7) Black Pepper

Jennifer Suryadjaja

You’ll be surprised when I say this flavor is not at all spicy. I was initially skeptical of this flavor, I mean. How often do you see black-pepper-flavored popcorn? To my surprise, it tastes similar to a regular salted popcorn with more kick. Having the same effect as actual black pepper, this popcorn flavor made me sneeze. 

6) Salt

Jennifer Suryadjaja

A popcorn classic. You can never go wrong with this healthy option. Compared to the plain popcorn, this served more justice because the salt brought out more flavor. Since it’s merely salted, you’ll be able to focus more on its fluffy texture. What’s more, this universal flavor is enjoyable to all who prefer simple flavors.

5) Herb-Tomato

Jennifer Suryadjaja

How often does one come across unique popcorn flavors? This concoction of tomatoes and popcorn is an intriguing flavor. As taste-tested, it tasted oddly salty and sour, a slight punch to the tongue. There was even a hint of basil in it, too. It’s a fun flavor as you skip your way through “the happiest place on earth.”

4) Caramel

Jennifer Suryadjaja

If you’re looking for something to tame your sweet tooth, this popcorn flavor is the one for you. It has a thicker coating on its exterior compared to the other flavors in the park, but its sweet taste is not overwhelming. Anyway, who doesn't like caramel popcorn?

3) Garlic Shrimp

Jennifer Suryadjaja

Kudos to DisneySea for coming up with creative flavors that live up to its taste. If the long queue and mouthwatering smell don’t get you, the taste of it will. This flavor is a trip; first, the garlic flavor envelops your taste buds before the shrimp flavor takes over. Such a gustatory delight.

2) Milk Chocolate

Jennifer Suryadjaja

 I was so excited when I saw this in real life because I’m a chocolate lover. I had to give it to DisneySea for this flavor because it does taste like milk chocolate. At first, I thought the milk chocolate flavor was too mild. But as I got to the bottom of the box, its subdued flavor creates balance for the texture of the popcorn. DisneySea definitely nailed this one.

1) Curry

Jennifer Suryadjaja

Alas, the boldest flavor of all throughout the park. I had high expectations for this flavor because I’m a fan of curry, and DisneySea lived up to it. This flavor stands out because you’ll get the kick of coriander and turmeric once you bite into it. It’s not too spicy too, so, no fear and munch on.

Give me more than one day to walk around DisneySea again, and I would still go for their fun popcorn flavors without a doubt.