You are sitting in your dorm room on a Friday night before going out for the evening. You really REALLY are craving some chicken wings. Why? You don't know. You just know you want them, and you want them NOW. Where do you go? Obviously you want the best chicken wings you can find. Don't know where to find the best of the best? I decided to try out the chicken wings at four different restaurants in Hamilton, New York so you don't have to. I made sure to order mild wings at each restaurant to be consistent. Here is the definitive ranking of the wings, in order from my personal favorite to my least personal favorite. 

1) The Colgate Inn

chicken, chicken wings, sauce, garlic
Jessica Stern

Before the waitress even brought these wings to my table, I unconsciously began licking my lips. These wings were probably the most unique out of the bunch. Not too saucy (as a matter of fact they could have had a little bit more sauce), but they were LOADED with flavor. These wings were covered in spices and every bite was filled with crispy skin and moist chicken. As I bit into the chicken wing, I could here the crunch. Winner, winner chicken dinner!

2) No. 10 Tavern

chicken, chicken wings, sauce, sweet
Jessica Stern

Drenched in sauce, these mild wings were not too spicy but definitely had a lot of flavor to them. The outside could have been a tad crispier, but I am not complaining. If you are looking for a place a bit more casual than The Colgate Inn, this is the place to go.

3) Slices

chicken, sauce, chicken wings, meat, curry, chicken curry
Jessica Stern

Slices isn't only good for their late night plain pizza slices you know. If you dare to be different, order some mild wings next weekend. While not my favorite wings, they were definitely the spiciest of the bunch. Major advantage to getting these wings is that you can have them delivered right to your dorm (which is what I did).

4) Oliveri's

Jessica Stern

As much as I love Oliveri's for their delicious pizza and mac and cheese bites, these chicken wings were not my fave. TBH they could of had a lot more flavor, sauce, and spice. The chicken itself tasted good, but it needed a little more on the outside to persuade me into ordering them again.