The second chapter of my exploration into the world of ice cream in Vancouver. With so many overly-hyped dessert parlours, I will set you all straight.

1. Nice Vice - Vegan Dream

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Athena Huynh

This was one of those joints that I visited casually one night after my haircut (I think it's magical when these things happen by accident). Anyways, I stumbled into this little shop and lo and behold, I saw that cute little salt bar, the funky decor, and the ice cream (nice cream)? 

The ice cream here was solid, and definitely an amazing vegan option. I learned that their nice cream base was a mix of sweet potato and coconut (weird I know, but trust me!) with plenty of mixed in flavours. One thing to note, the coconut flavour is very apparent across the board (but we're not complaining). 

2. Bella Gelateria - Mr. Worldwide 

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Athena Huynh

To put it simply, Bella Gelateria is a Vancouver staple. It is one of those places that people just go to on a hot, sunny day and wait for an hour to get a taste of the internationally hyped gelato parlour. Let me just say, it is so worth the hype. It truly is the perfect balance between richness and not-too-heavy, all with that sticky texture that all great gelato's have. 

I personally recommend everything from the Akbar Mashti (delectable rosewater and pistachio), to the amazing Black Sesame. Well, anything except for the Fireball... bad memories. Anyways, this is truly a Vancouver classic that is not going anywhere! 

3. Earnest Ice Cream - Hipster City 

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Athena Huynh

Let me be honest (and please don't throw anything at me), I don't see the hype with Earnest Ice Cream. I mean, the Cardamom is great and all, but I don't see anything about the quality of ice cream that sets it apart from other super hyped ice cream parlours. 

However, with that being said, I would like to say that the quality of Earnest is not bad at all. It just doesn't stand up in an industry of other parlours who are better in my humble opinion. 

4. Rain or Shine - Clear Forecast 

Let's get one thing straight, I am in love with this place. Blueberry Balsamic was the first flavour to make me say "wow" and every time I visit I am transported back to that moment. I know many of you will draw the comparison to Earnest because "it's just nice flavours, there is nothing else" well, let me tell you! 

Rain or Shine is a religious experience. The flavours are so meticulously crafted that it's not even about the pure joy of its gustatory sensations. It's about feelings and love. Take a bite of Orange Blossom. You're transported to a field of flowers. Oh my goodness.

Note that these are all just my own opinions. Please don't take these too seriously because the joys of ice cream lies in each persons take on the flavours and textures!