When you think of your hometown, what comes to mind? Do you think of your friends and family? Maybe you think of your old school or the playground you used to frequent? I think of all those things, but I also think of this delightfully sweet establishment called The Crosstown Diner. It's situated on the corner of the street, right off the expressway, and it is one of the many diners that get to call the Bronx home. In fact, of all the diners I have been to, this one is my favorite by far. 

I was first introduced to the Crosstown Diner in my sophomore year of high school. I had just transferred to Preston High School from another school and all my friends were raving about how good the food was. The first time I went was for a birthday after classes finished in April of 2014. I remember I ordered a Caesar wrap and fries and it was incredible. Between good food and great conversation, I left feeling amazing and that has been the precedent for every time I went.

The Crosstown Diner is a Bronx staple that has been around for over 50 years. In fact, when people ask how old the place is, they like to say that they've been open "since before most of you were born." They have just about everything on the menu, from soups and salads to steaks and sandwiches. Healthier options include a variety of salads, wraps and omelettes. If you're looking for dessert, the menu is incredible: pies, mousse cakes, cheesecakes and tiramisu just to name a few. All the pastries are made fresh and taste amazing.

The diner is open from 7am to 2am Monday through Friday and is 24 hours on the weekends. Another thing I like about it is the price range of the menu; it's doable for all budgets. The average entrée is between $10 and $12, with specialty items like steaks and seafood pricing higher. There are items below this price range as well.

In addition, the drink menu is nothing to ignore. They have regular soft drinks and juices as well as an extensive alcohol menu. Some of their options include an assortment of wines, spiked smoothies and coffees as well as beers. The establishment prides itself on its Mojitos, and how good they are year round (I typically drink water with my meals though).

The interior is what you'd expect of a classic diner: lots of mirrored walls, a huge display case of treats and a TV that only shows the local news or cartoons. I wouldn't change a thing. My favorite place to sit is in the back where there is one round table, which is perfect for group conversation--it's actually where I sit every time I go there. I think you get a great view of the whole restaurant as well.

Both myself, and other people I've encountered over the years, have found such joy and comfort in this establishment. I think that if you're ever in the Bronx area that you should give this charming diner a try. It's my little slice of home and I love it dearly. Your experience will be amazing--I guarantee it.