On an given Saturday morning, you'll be greeted by the smell of fresh coffee and hot breakfast (trust me, I've been here every Saturday of last semester). This is where you'll find the best breakfast in Clarion. The County Seat will be your new favorite breakfast spot.

If you've never been here, you'll find it on Main Street tucked between other local businesses. Both college students and local regulars can find their place here.

There are so many options available for breakfast, lunch and even dinner. But, we'll just stick to breakfast since there is so much to talk about.

Samantha Gatesman

Tip for first-timers: Seat yourself. It may seem awkward, but that is the norm here.

My go-to breakfast here are the peanut butter pancakes topped with whipped cream. However, when I want something a little less filling, I split an order of Grilled LA Cinnamon Bread with my boyfriend (my partner in crime when it comes to breakfast foods).

Grilled LA Cinnamon Bread

Samantha Gatesman

Sweetness level: 7

Overall satisfaction: 8

Full order: 4 slices of freshly-grilled, thick cinnamon swirl toast doused in warm icing. This is a must-have to satisfy your sweet tooth. This is perfect to split with someone if you want to order a full breakfast with the works. Think of this as your breakfast dessert.

Eggs and Ham

Samantha Gatesman

If you are looking to stay on the savory side like me, you can't go wrong with eggs and a side of meat. My recommendation stands for eggs over hard and a slice of ham. It has yet to disappoint me. The ham is thick and full of flavor.

Egg Hardness: 10 (as requested)

Consistency between visits: 9.5

The cooks here know how to achieve greatness each time while maintaining consistency and flavor. Only a handful of times have I received even slightly deficient food items. They leave out the salt and pepper for the eggs to avoid an unwanted flavor. You are free to salt and pepper as you please.

Bacon, Egg, Cheese Bagel

Samantha Gatesman

My boyfriend's go-to is the Bacon, Egg, and Cheese bagel. His ratings are reflected below.The hash browns are also left unseasoned like the eggs. If you are the type of person who wants the food to come out with the house seasonings, this isn't for you.

Bacon Crispness: 8

Pro Tip: Use the hot sauce from the table to add a little kick to the hash browns.


Not only is the food delicious, but you get a lot of bang for your buck. All of the food above, one coffee, and one chocolate milk cost a total of $22.84 (excluding tip).

Saturday mornings are usually a busy time for the wait staff, but despite the influx of customers, you will never be met with an unpleasant server. They will do their best to get you anything you need and with a friendly smile.

Community Thanksgiving Day Dinner

My most recent visit to The County Seat, there was a flyer detailing a free Thanksgiving Day Dinner that is free to all customers from 11 am to 4 pm. This small town restaurant does what they can to bring the community together with great food and great people.

The continued support from the community allows this to be a tradition at The County Seat.