The CookieGram Company is a gourmet cookie business based in the Bronx, New York. The company was founded by Elda Pomales, an architect and baker. She combined food and art to make the perfect cookie business! The company focuses on gift-giving, unique cards, and yummy baked goods to make the experience of getting a Cookiegram box that much better. So make sure to keep The CookieGram Company in mind for the next time you don't know what to buy someone for their birthday.

Dia Mahesh

The Party Box

The CookieGram Company Party Box includes two snickerdoodles, two classic chocolate chip cookies, and two peanut butter chip cookies. This box, and the delicious cookies, are available to order all of the time on their website. You can choose the "One Flavor" boxes, the "This or That" boxes, which come with two flavors, or the "Party Box, which comes with a mix of all three, like I got!

The box included a paper straw, a sticker, and a bunch of colorful confetti in addition to the cookies. There was also the Love You card I chose when ordering the box and a CookieGram thank you/hello card. The fun extras, vibrant colors, and elaborate designs in the box made opening it that much more exciting!

Dia Mahesh

The Cookies

The CookieGram Company recommends reheating the cookies at 300 degrees for 5 minutes before digging in. Doing this makes the cookies taste even better than when it was first baked! Hack: add ice cream to your heated cookies for the perfect experience. My personal favorite? The classic chocolate chip.

If you're craving something different from the three flavors included in the party box, you can check out their cookie of the month! This month, for October, the cookie is Pumpkin Snickerdoodle! The perfect cookie for fall and for spooky season. Apple butter, cookies and creme, and s'mores are a few of the past cookies of the month, so make sure to keep an eye out for the ever-changing flavors. Cookies can also be requested as gluten-free at checkout, and even sugar-free for the snickerdoodles.

Dia Mahesh

The Cards

The delicious cookies aren’t the only thing that makes The CookieGram Company unique; it’s also the cards! When you order one of their products, a card with original art from a local New York artist is included. The artists whose cards are currently featured on the CookieGram Company's website are @madelinemadethis, @faithrose.creative, and @kateartnyc. On the front of the cards there are messages like “congrats” and “thinking of you” all designed by these local artists. On the back you can request an individualized message to make it special for the person receiving the box. The card designs change throughout the year, meaning each card is a unique limited edition. You can choose whichever card you feel matches the theme of the gift you want to send.

Dia Mahesh

What Next?

Follow them on Instagram at @thecookiegramco and get all the updates about their delectable cookies and the amazing artists featured on each card. The CookieGram Company ships their orders out Mondays through Fridays nationwide so you can enjoy these treats or send them as gifts to anyone within the United States. Make sure to go get your box! Order your cookies here.