Ft. Lauderdale is home to some of the best Key Lime Pie and seafood. I feel happier even thinking about picking up my favorite shave ice after school today.

However, it’s such a struggle at times to find healthy alternatives for the foods we all know and love. So, finding the best organic and vegetarian foods that could mimic flavors of non-veg foods was up to me. And  I gladly accepted the challenge. 

1. Myapapaya Juicery + Kitchen

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This is my personal favorite. Not only does the place have the best tasting salads and sandwiches on the planet, but it also captures the true essence of Ft. Lauderdale.

After a sweaty day at the beach, people come in starved to the bone for a juice, smoothie bowl, or light bite. Their selection involves an array of different foods including the Brazilian Açaí Bowl, the Veggie Burrito, and the Sweet Potato Power lunch. The Portobello Salad (my favorite), has the tastiest mix of veggies in a bowl. You are doing yourself a disservice if you are in the Ft. lauderdale area and don’t stop by.

2. Green Bar and Kitchen

This plant-based restaurant serves up a countless number of vegan replacements. If you’re in the mood to feel like a green goddess, I recommend dropping everything and going to this restaurant.

When I first came here, I was blown away by the restaurant’s ability to make any dish vegan. Whether it was the Smokehouse Burger, filled with brown rice and chickpeas, or the General TSO Tofu, Green Bar and Kitchen set the bar high for veganized foods. I personally love the Coconut Burger and the Buffalo Tempeh. 

3. Raw Jūce

Our winter is hot. It’s also humid (which is not good for the hair but that's besides the point). Instead of going for the frozen yogurt, or nitrogen ice cream that we all know and love, opting for Raw Jūce’s refreshing options are the perfect guilt-free treats.

Bowls like the Superfruitchia Açaí Bowl, with goji berries and diced pineapple, and the Black Magic Bowl, with activated charcoal (no one knows what it is but you just know it’s good for you), is what brings this place to a whole other level. If you’re not into açaí bowls, there are many cold pressed juices, or organic food items to try. I recommend the Avo-Quinoa wrap, but they are all irresistible.

4. Clovermint Café and Market

Clovermint Café is an Instagrammer’s dream. This photogenic spot was introduced to me from social media and gave off a completely comforting vibe. Not only does it provide the cutest backdrop, but it also serves completely raw, vegan food.

The way they mimic certain flavors that aren’t vegan, like cheese and chocolate, still amazes me, and I go A LOT. The baked ziti and avocado fries are the reason I am alive, I swear. 

#SpoonTip: Bring a camera to get some epic shots of your food. 

5. Juice Therapy

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Located in Davie Fl., this restaurant attracts people, like me, because it's fresh and consistent. Ever since I started coming here, which was a long time ago, I left feeling light on my feet, yet satisfied.

The Greek Wrap, and Hummus and Avocado Wrap, are my two favorites. I usually pair a wrap with the refreshingly delicious Strawberry Classic Smoothie. My mom, who probably goes around three times a week, loves their vegan chili (as do I because I love everything from there).

As you can see, my challenge was put to the test, and I'm so happy I found five that were all to die for. Hopefully this list helped you, and when in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, don't be surprised if you spot me at one of them (I'll probably be there).