Just a stone's throw away from the main Waseda Campus, and 5 minutes from Waseda Subway Station is Café VG, the best vegetarian lunch spot near Waseda University in Tokyo. It is absolutely worth going because there you'll be able to get your day's worth of veggies for an affordable price in a cozy and enjoyable atmosphere. 


If you follow the flow of students pouring out from the university's south gate, you will find one of the main roads in the neighborhood littered with restaurants and small shops, just  make sure to keep your eyes open for Café VG. Located behind a parking lot and set back a little from the main road, it could be easily overlooked if not for their big boards standing outside. But once you spot them, just follow the small corridor of wooden fence and you'll make it to the cozy patio where you can relax at your seat of choice– either in or outside. If you want to eat a delicious and budget vegetarian or vegan lunch this cafe is definitely the place to go!

Atmosphere Inside

Once you enter, you will not only see but feel their values– and that is undeniably their love for animals and the environment. One of the main reasons why so many students keep coming back to this place are the three resident dogs, which will greet you right away as you enter and are not shy to sit on your lap. They are the living proof that puppy eyes cannot be resisted.

The Food

What made me love this café right away is their wide array of food choices. They even have daily specials so you can switch it up every time you visit! As a vegetarian I really appreciate this because while in Tokyo you'll have no problem finding a restaurant that meets your meat or fish desires, it is often difficult to find even one vegetarian option on a menu at many restaurants. But not here! Café VG has a big vegetarian menu for you to choose from, including many vegan options for both lunch and dinner. From taco rice, Thai green curry, fried tofu and seasonal pasta dishes, you can eat your way through the whole menu for under 1000 Yen during lunch time. With plenty of side dishes, such as fresh and rainbow-colored veggies and a light soup, you will surely get your greens for the day. They also use the healthier option of brown rice for all of their dishes

You can also choose the set option and get a soft drink or coffee of your choice to complement your meal for an additional 150 Yen. They will be sure to please your aesthetic eye with not only their adorable cups, but their absolutely amazing latte art and great coffee!

Evening Options

While this is an amazing vegetarian lunch spot, you can also enjoy the comfy atmosphere here until 10 p.m. They serve a wide variety of drinks which are usually around 500 Yen, and have a variety of beer options as well. One of my personal non-alcoholic favorites are the Italian sodas, which you can also choose during lunchtime as a set drink for a cheaper deal.


VG Café serves healthy, affordable and downright delicious eats, and is a vegetarian heaven in the Waseda district. Plus, it's a bonus that you can not only enjoy your meal, but also play with the cafes’ adorable mascots during your time there. The atmosphere at Cafe VG is great for studying and you can hang out there for hours. If you have a pet as well, they are more than welcome to join the fun, but even if not, the café's resident cuties will keep you company for sure. To find out more about how to access the café, their menu, or events you can visit their Facebook Page for more information. It doesn't matter if you are a student or not or if you follow a Vegetarian diet, Café VG has something for everyone and is definitely worth giving a try!