With the opening of a Thai Express only a stone's throw from Queen's campus, satisfying your cravings has never been easier. While the convenience of this fast food location is unbeatable, its authenticity in terms of Thai cuisine is questionable at best. Luckily, Kingston is home to an abundance of amazing Thai restaurants that are all located within walking distance from campus.

1. Thai House Cuisine

Hannah Latour

Without a doubt, Thai House is my favourite Thai restaurant in Kingston (and in my top 5 of all Kingston restaurants). The staff are friendly, service is fast and prices are reasonable. The quality of the food is consistently good and I know I'll get an authentic version of the mainstay Thai dishes every time I come here.

2. Apsara Angkor Cuisine

Apsara Angkor is situated on Ontario Street, conveniently right across the road from Mio Gelato. Apsara is the only Thai restaurant in Kingston with a patio, making it a great place to come in the summer (if you can handle the combination of hot weather and spicy food). One of my favourite things about Apsara is the large portions—you can easily take leftovers home and relive the meal the next day. Apsara also offers great lunch specials and a student discount.

3. Royal Angkor

Conveniently located a few steps from The Hub, the Royal Angkor offers a combination of both Thai and Cambodian dishes. According to their website, it was even ranked in the Top 500 Best Restaurants in Canada by "Where to Eat in Canada."

While the food is authentic and well-priced, the ambience of the restaurant itself makes it a better place for take-out than dining-in. 

4. Thai Ivory-Alrayyan

Thai Ivory is the newest establishment on the Kingston food scene, and it's actually a fusion between Thai food and Syrian cuisine. While the dishes themselves aren't hybrids, the restaurant has two separate menus: one offering Thai food and the other Syrian. The mix of menus makes it a good place to go when you're undecided about what to order or dining with a large group of people. The student discount is also a great bonus.

In Kingston, you don't have to travel far to find a good pad Thai or  green curry—but you should really travel farther than Thai Express.