As Summer C begins, freshman students are *pouring* in to town to settle in for their first semester of college. As they fit an entire semester of work into one month, they will become familiar with the struggle of finding a table at the library during exams. If this is you, or you simply need a change of scenery for your never-ending studies, these are the best Tallahassee coffee shops for studying. 

All Saints Cafe

All Saints Cafe is definitely a spunky environment that will introduce you to a prominent undertone of Tallahassee's culture. Living local and enjoying freshly roasted coffee with a number of vegan food options, All Saints Cafe is full of character and strong caffeine. With this coffee shop being open from 10AM- Midnight, you won't have any issues finding a cozy refuge to study in. Located at 903 Railroad Avenue, the shop is just a few blocks from FSU's campus, and a short distance from the Capitol. 

Black Dog Cafe

With two centrally located branches, Black Dog cafe is another great local coffee shop for studying. With a unique vibe, the coffee shop serves coffee and treats until 10pm with a distinct recurrence of regulars. Both locations feature outdoor seating on their decks for breezy studying on cool days. The shops often hold literary reading events, live music, and see a lot of chess playing and studying during their operating hours. You can find their locations at 229 Lake Ella Dr and 567 Industrial Dr. in Tallahassee, FL. 

Catalina Cafe

A great place for an Instagram break, Catalina Cafe is the aesthetic answer to your studying and caffeine needs. The coffee is strong, but the wall murals for photo shoots game is stronger. Catalina Cafe serves homemade breakfast and lunch ALL DAY with a thorough selection of lattes, espressos, and house roasted coffees. Located near FSU's campus on Gaines Street, at 603 W. Gaines Street Suite 6, a perfect study session of lunch, coffee, and a trendy mural pic are a hop and a skip away. 

Dunkin' Donuts'

While a major chain, Dunkin' Donuts' is a prime location on FSU's campus as a studying and meeting space. Located off of Pensacola, the coffee shop is advertised during sorority rush week for it's proximity to the greek houses. The location is near Westcott fountain, and a quick walk from the west end of campus classroom buildings. With Baskin Robbins and an outdoor covered porch, the coffee shop is meant to accommodate a large number of faculty and students during school hours. 

Lucky Goat Coffee

At Lucky Goat Coffee you're in for a treat gorgeously crafted coffees. Though they started and continue to provide their beans for other cafes, they now have four cafe locations on Capital Circle, Midtown, Market District, and Pensacola Street. Lucky Goat is as trendy as it is yummy, and the foam designs will leave you as impressed and the liquids underneath. With four locations, you have the opportunity to head to a nearby location if one is too busy. While a great place to study and enjoy good vibes and good coffee, they close at 6pm daily, so get in and enjoy while you can. 

The Power Plant Cafe

If you're anything like me, and need a picturesque view to zone out as you study, then The Power Plant Cafe is the perfect location to take your studies. With Catalina Cafe's coffees on the menu, the cafe sits under The Edison, and on top of Cascades Park. With waterfalls, an amphitheater, a walking trail, daily dog visits, and hills to spread out upon, The Power Plant Cafe's location is hard to beat. With darker indoor lighting, and a chill outdoor seating plan, there is ample seating and comfortable space to chill as you work. The park also allows a great opportunity to stretch your legs in between flash cards. 

Red Eye Coffee

"Drink Coffee Locally. Change Lives Globally." With this as the slogan for Red Eye Coffee, the local shop is a huge focal point in Tallahassee businesses and fueling college students at their 3.5 locations (Midtown, Capital Circle, Bannerman Crossings, and Capital Regional Medical Center- 2nd Floor). The large store space has countless tables, outlets, and familiar faces. As they are an eco-friendly business, the coffee shop offers discounts for bringing in your own mug, additionally so for Red Eye specific mugs. Eco- friendly and discounts? That alone makes it one of the best Tallahassee coffee shops. Though they are not open on Sundays, their hours range from 8-9pm throughout the year, and are always ready to serve you with a smiling face. 


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Shelby Cohron

Another obvious chain coffee shop, Starbucks is found at three locations on campus at FSU. In Strozier Library, Dirac Library, by the Health and Wellness center, and an additional two locations nearby on Tennessee street, Starbucks is a constant spot for a quick grab of coffee. The off campus locations are more accommodating in terms of studying, as the library locations are more so an extension of the library and the other closes at 6pm.

The Sweet Shop Cafe & Lounge

An iconic spot on Tallahassee's FSU campus, The Sweet Shop is a fond memory to students, faculty, and alumni. The walls throughout are signed, decorated, and memorialized by students/customers of past and present. The coffee shop is home to no shortage of options with a menu of frappes, espresso, lattes, breakfast, burgers, paninis, desserts, fruit, and more. The cultured, lulling ambiance of a college coffee shop is as memorable as the wifi password, 'nooutsidefoodordrink'. The shop closes at 10pm, and opens early enough to prepare before classes before hurrying to take a test or do a presentation. 

Finding your favorite Tallahassee coffee shops to study at is a personal endeavor that will be a fond memory for years to come. Hopefully, these coffee shops will be around for a long time as you return to visit as an alumni and can picture yourself struggling over a strong and large cup of coffee in the corner of your chosen spot. Whichever you choose, they all have their own special qualities, and are always welcoming if you decide to change it up.