Tacos are hands down one of my favorite foods. There's simply nothing better than stuffing your face with chips and salsa and then indulging in a warm, juicy taco. They are simple yet delicious and probably comprise the majority of my diet. I love exploring new restaurants in search of the best tacos in the city. But, being a busy college student, you likely don't have much time to venture across Atlanta for dinner. When you want to stay near campus and still enjoy a tasty meal, turn to this list for the best taco restaurants near Emory.


Located in Inman Park, Bartaco is only a short drive from campus, and you'll likely catch me there at least once a week. Bartaco is great for celebrating birthdays or just going out with a large group. You order and pay individually on your phone, which is so easy for big dinners! Their tacos are unmatched, and I love trying something new each time I go. However, my go-to tacos are the glazed pork belly and the tuna tatako (ahi tuna in a lettuce wrap). I also love their street corn (off-the-cob, of course) as an appetizer. 

Taqueria del Sol

Taqueria del Sol isn't talked about as much as it should be. Centrally located in Downtown Decatur, this Atlanta favorite has a line out the door every night of the week. If that's not a sign that their food is good, I'm not sure what is! My favorite taco is the brisket taco, which is drenched with so much flavor, melting in your mouth with each bite. To start, I definitely recommend the salsa trio with chips! If you've never been to Taqueria del Sol, add it to your list ASAP.

The Original El Taco

Located in Virginia Highlands, The Original El Taco serves a variety of delicious tacos and other Tex-Mex dishes. Their "mix-and-match" taco menu allows you to choose any combination of three tacos for a set price. How can you pass that up? This vibrant restaurant is a neighborhood must-try and will definitely satisfy your taco needs.

If you love tacos as much as I do, you definitely need to try these amazing taco restaurants close to Emory. I hope this list comes in handy the next time you're craving a taco!