Summer is so close, but yet so far away. I’m sure we’re all eagerly awaiting the warm weather and the break from school. You’ll want to take advantage of this optimal time of year and, honestly, who doesn’t enjoy brunch? Whether you’re more of a breakfast or more of a lunch person, you’ll find something delicious on the menu. With so many people projected to be out and about this summer, these restaurants will fill up fast, so you’ll want to start planning ahead. These sports boast great food and wonderful atmospheres, which we all really need this summer. Check out these restaurants and start planning those outings so you make it onto the reservation list before it’s too late.

Drift In 

389 West St, New York, NY 10014

Drift In is a great outdoor dining experience with an amazing scenic view of the water. This restaurant prides itself on their beach fare food and crisp beverages. It is perfect hangout spot for you and your friends this summer. 

Grand Banks

Pier 25 Hudson River Park, New York, NY 10013

This oyster bar resides on a historic wooden ship docked at Pier 25. You can enjoy the view and breathe in the fresh air while dining on sustainably harvested oysters and enjoying one of their creative cocktails.  


357 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

This Williamsburg restaurant doesn’t require reservations but is still just as popular. They offer a wide variety of food and drinks but are mainly known for their bagels and decadent pastries. You can even pre-order a box of their goodies to take home for yourself, so you don’t have to fear missing out on them. 

Mom's Kitchen & Bar

33-01 31st Ave, Queens, NY 11106

Mom’s Kitchen & Bar has a packed menu of all day brunch and Bigmouth Shakes. If you're a lover of both fun food combinations and classic dishes, you just cannot beat all day brunch with this range of options. Just glancing at their menu, it would be almost impossible not to find something that excites your tastebuds. 


Pier 6 Brooklyn Bridge Park, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Pilot is another great option for dining on the water. This ship has a long and fascinating history dating all the way back to 1924. This operational vessel serves oysters and other seafood, along with an array of drinks, and is currently heading back to the dock in Brooklyn and awaiting reservations for May. 


30-13 Broadway, Astoria, NY 11106

Serving comfort food in a trendy yet comfortable setting, Sandfords proves itself to be must-visit restaurant. Their brunch menu alone offers a lot of choices and provides a range of flavors with classic dishes. Personally, I cannot wait to try the Nutella S’mores Waffles. 

Kimoto Rooftop Restaurant & Garden Lounge

Sheraton Hotel Rooftop, 228 Duffield St, NY 11201

This restaurant comes with an amazing view from above the city and comfortable lounge seating while you dine on savory dishes. Take this opportunity to dress up, enjoy delicious food, and take in the picturesque setting with your group. 

This summer is something to look forward to and these restaurants only add to that anticipation. Get your group ready, go explore the city, and feast on some seriously good food.