UMass Lowell is blessed with an endless list of tasty restaurants on and around campus. (The freshman fifteen is real.) 

Lucky for us at UML, we're also surrounded by numerous coffee shops that are not only aesthetically-pleasing, but great for studying. The following are some of the best places to get coffee around UMass Lowell and study, in no particular order. 

1. Coffee and Cotton

Coffee and Cotton is located in Mill No. 5, on the 4th floor of 250 Jackson street, inside an old textile mill. The aesthetic is dreamy and perfect for coffee photos. 

Not only is Mill No. 5 is great for shopping and taking photos, but Coffee and Cotton is also the perfect study spot. They're open late, offer a variety of coffee drinks, kombucha, and beer, and have a ton of seating and free WiFi.

2. Eggroll Cafe

If you take classes on North campus, chances are you've seen, or at least heard of Eggroll Cafe. Situated between Tacos Lupita and Suppa's, it's hard to choose the perfect lunch spot.

Something you may not know is that in addition to eggrolls and bubble tea, Eggroll Cafe has (really good) coffee and homemade iced tea. They also offer $1 coffee during finals. Yes, $1 coffee. And it's dang good.

Get to Eggroll Cafe early, grab a boba tea or $1 iced coffee, and start that research paper. 

3. Brew'd Awakening Coffeehaus

Okay, first of all, look at that frozen hot chocolate. 

Brew'd Awakening is downtown, a little further from school than some coffee shops, but worth the trip. They brew their own coffee and baked goods and host a Poetry Open Mic & Slam on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month. Grab a cup of coffee and be inspired.

4. Frobie's Cafe

Frobie's Cafe is in Dracut, about a ten minute drive from North campus, and in addition to adorable latte art they offer smoothies, sandwiches, and ice cream. Nothing helps you study for finals like a cookie ice cream sandwich. 

Frobie's Cafe has a ton of seating, so bring your whole study group, softball team, or calc class and brainstorm over some smoothies.

5. Elephant Angkor Cafe

Elephant Angkor Cafe is located at 61 Plain St, right across the street from McDonald's and before Target. 

They have a cozy and quiet interior, perfect for studying and make delicious Cambodian coffee. They also offer an array of baked goods including muffins and macaroons. 

6. Java's Brewin'

I know what you're thinking, now we're really getting pretty far away, but trust me, Java's Brewin' is worth it. 

I mean look at these muffins.

They are delicious, and if you can't tell from the picture, they're also huge. And worth the trip, so wake up early this weekend and drive to North Billerica to study and treat yourself to a raspberry cream muffin and a coffee.

7. Crossroads Cafe

Crossroads Cafe is a cafe on campus, so you don't have to go far for a study spot with great coffee and snacks. 

Located inside UCrossing, they're a great spot to get coffee and study or do homework, surrounded by school resources.

8. Starbucks (O'Leary Library)

Starbucks is a classic study spot for college students, and the one located inside O'Leary library on South is perfect for late-night studying and brainstorming sessions. 

They have trendy drinks, like the new crystal ball frappucino, the zombie frappucino last fall, and the Instagram-worthy unicorn frappucino. Plus, being located inside the library, makes them the perfect study spot.

9. Galeria Cafe

Galeria Cafe serves traditional Venezuelan dishes and coffee. They're located on Merrimack St, near downtown, and are the perfect spot for a lunch time pick-me-up and study break.

10. Life Alive

You can find Life Alive Organic Cafe downtown, across from a parking lot, so no worries about fighting for street parking. They offer indoor and outdoor seating and their atmosphere will make you feel at peace. 

Life Alive serves smoothies, lattes, and a large list of vegetarian and vegan entrees and snacks. Consider it your new go-to for organic food and drinks to fuel your studies.