Small towns are the best to find hidden gems. No corporate chains here-- just mom and pa stores with great flavor! Townies have flocked to these delicious eateries for years, and there’s good reason! Check out the best restaurants in Danvers, MA!

Daily Harvest Cafe

Located right off the highway, Daily Harvest is convenient for a delicious breakfast (any time of day). From wraps to muffins, there is something for everyone at this cute cafe. The outside patio is especially good on a warm day. 

My order: Classic American Wrap & (seasonal) Caramel Apple Cider

Sandra Salamanca


Right in the town square is the breakfast classic every townie has been to. If you don’t know your waitress by name, you’re doing it wrong. This cozy spot is perfect for a sit-down breakfast, but be prepared to see everyone you know in town! Definitely one of the best restaurants in Danvers!

My order: 2-2-2

Sandra Salamanca

Bagel World

Although Bagel World is not limited to Danvers, every resident has been there at least once. This shop beats the prices of any chain or bagel shop, with quality basically guaranteed. On weekends the line is out the door, so make sure you get there nice and early before the best flavors sell out!

My order: Sesame seed bagel with vegetable cream cheese and bean sprouts & a pina colada smoothie.

Sandra Salamanca

Portside Diner

Even townies sometimes overlook this classic; but nestled right by the water, Portside is quaint and quiet. The food is absolutely delicious, and the waitresses always have a smiling face. I recommend if you want to avoid the crowds of Chuck’s!

My order: Eggs florentine & hot chocolate\

Sandra Salamanca

Supreme’s Roast Beef

Everyone in town has been to Supreme's. It is basically a law that you have to go there. All times of day, you will recognize at least one person inside. Do not let the name fool you, Supreme’s has every food you could ask for. Even the pickiest eater will find something on the menu. Plus, the BBQ sauce on the roast beef is to die for.

My order: Junior Roast Beef Basket

Sandra Salamanca

Betty Ann’s

This hidden gem truly is that-- hidden. On the far side of downtown, Betty Ann’s is sometimes forgot about, but the flavor isn’t. From their quality ingredients to the homemade sodas, Betty Ann’s is the perfect sub shop for everyone.

My order: Italian sub & Betty Anne’s cream soda

Sandra Salamanca


Brother’s is another popular place, where if you want to get a place to sit, make sure you come early! This cafeteria-style restaurant serves meals for every time of day. The low price point keeps the diner crowded with people, so much so the owner was coined “the Unofficial Mayor of Danvers”. Even people in the surrounding towns definitely agree this is one of the best restaurants in the area. 

My order: 2 eggs over easy with home fries and a grilled chocolate chip muffin (all for $5!)

Sandra Salamanca


Possibly the best pizza in Danvers, everyone in town has ordered from and probably worked at, Panini’s. The pizza is to die for, with a modern upscale twist on the Italian classic. It's a great place to sit with the family or get delivered to your home. Recently, Panini’s has changed locations to the heart of Danvers, with a classy sit-in option!

My order: Margherita pizza (for delivery!)

Sandra Salamanca


Newest in town, yet still loved, is Esposito’s. A delicious bakery right in the town square for walk-in treats and ordered delicacies. Although this small chain spreads across the North Shore, each store has a small-town feel and flavor to keep people coming back for more.

My order: Sfogliatella

Sandra Salamanca

Danvers, MA has, objectively, some of the best restaurants in the US. Small town vibes and delicious eats creates an unbeatable atmosphere you can only find in a coastal New England town like Danvers! Think your town has the best food? Let us know on Instagram at @spoon_bulldogs