So, it’s that time in the relationship. You’ve had a few greats months, maybe even a few great years with your significant other, but now, it’s time to say goodbye. Saying goodbye is never an easy thing to do, but like every great story, some must come to an end.

Here’s your dilemma: you want to say goodbye and make a clean break, but you also don’t want to be a reckless heartbreaker while you’re doing it.

Lucky for you, we know the five best places in Dallas that will leave you both saying hello to new beginnings, instead of grieving over the goodbyes. 

1. Mutts Canine Cantina 

For that sentimental breakup — there’s nothing like having a serious conversation with lots of furry friends running around your feet. Not only will the cuteness of the dogs be a great distraction, but they will lighten the mood while you’re dumping your sweetheart. We recommend getting the Jessica Biel griddle dog, because as the menu describes it, it is “mighty, mighty hot... just like jessica.” And in this moment, it’s your time to channel your inner Jessica.

If you’re feeling extra festive, you could even try one of their many shakes. But, no more sharing that nutty pretzel shake with your s/o - this one is just for you. 

2. The Blind Butcher

I think the name speaks for itself — but for that breakup that has just been waiting to happen, you’ve got to try The Blind Butcher. First of all, if your significant other doesn’t already see this coming, hopefully you haven’t scared him/her already with this statement of a restaurant.

We recommend trying the cup of bone broth, not just because a warm soup is filling, but we all know soup can solve almost anything.

If you really want to show how much you mean business, you could even try ordering “the whole hog,” described on the menu as “pulled pork, ham, bacon, scrapple, head cheese, pickles, and walnut scallion bread." Yum.

Good luck — this place will definitely test your chops. 

3. Rocket Fizz Deep Ellum 

I know what you are all thinking — a breakup here? I say if you have to let down a sweetheart because it’s just not going to work out anymore, why not lessen the blow by taking them here? What person doesn’t love a candy shop? Even if they look heartbroken, at least they will leave feeling like a kid who just went to the candy store.

4. Lounge 31

This spot is great for the guy who doesn’t see it coming. Not only does this insanely cool, modern atmosphere lighten the mood, but you can bond over their amazing entree options, while slowly beginning to transition into the surprise and dreaded breakup talk. Even if you’re not feeling like getting the oyster shooter while sadly confessing the truth to your significant other, be sure to enjoy the half-priced sushi rolls every Monday-Saturday from 4-7pm.

5. Cafe Brazil

It’s 2am, you want to go home, and you’re tired of following after your significant other as they make you Uber from taco shop to taco shop, as long lines cascade out of the doorways. You decide it’s time to break this off, and you can’t wait for the next morning to roll around. I say if you’re gonna go for that midnight breakup, turn that Uber around, head over to Cafe Brazil, and grab a really cheesy quesadilla, warm coffee, or a classic BLT. We all know yummy guilty pleasure food tastes better when you’re starving, when it’s past midnight, and when you’re simply over their drama. 

No matter what type of breakup you have to go through, we know how hard the goodbye conversation can be. Next time you find yourself in need of giving "the talk," to your s/o, try out one of these options, and who knows — maybe you will find a new spot you love, or create a lasting goodbye memory with him/her! 

And hey — if you find yourself unable to take advantage of these great breakup scenes, namely because you're the lucky one whose relationship is just starting out, be sure to check out these spots.

Good luck and happy restaurant hunting!