Not all stereotypes are true. Not all blondes are dumb and not all #laxbros are jerks. But one stereotype that I have yet to see disproved is the stereotype that college students are broke.

While some of us may have jobs, or even a weekly allowance from our parents, we do like to save money and settle for cafeteria food. Because of this, some of the best restaurants in Baltimore might have been overlooked.

Some of the best times of the year are when your parents come to visit. Why? Besides the countless questions about whether you are in a relationship or why you failed your midterm–they pay for the meals. Take advantage and try something different other than Towson Hot Bagels and Insomnia Cookies

#SpoonTip Can't wait for the next parent's weekend to try these restaurants? They are perfect for a date night, girls night out, or even a birthday celebration. 

1. Woodberry Kitchen

Woodberry Kitchen can do it all: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If you're looking for a unique menu with twists on classic favorites, this is the place to go. Short on time? Grab a coffee and pastry at Woodberry Kitchen's sister restaurant, Artifact Coffee.

Price Range: $$$ ($30-60)

Signature Dishes: If you're going for brunch, be sure to get the Bake Shop Board to try all of the yummy baked goods. And for dinner, you can't miss out on the One Straw Farm Popcorn–who doesn't love popcorn?

2. Azumi

If you love sushi, you have to go to Azumi. While the price tag may be high, the quality of fish is worth it. 

Price Range: $$$ ($30-60)

Signature Dishes: The rock shrimp tempura is a must.

3. Sotto Sopra

One great thing about Baltimore is the vast amount of good Italian food we have, Sotto Sopra being one of the best. I mean, check out that table spread?!

Price Range: $$$ ($30-60)

Signature Dishes: All of the pasta is to die for, but make sure you save room for dessert!

4. Bar Vasquez

Bar Vasquez is an Argentine restaurant located in Fells Point. If you like steak and/or delicious tapas, head on over.

Still hungry after dinner?

Grab a scoop of gelato from Pitango Gelato–you'll be traveling from Argentina to Italy in less than 5 minutes. 

Price Range: $$$ ($30-60)

Signature Dishes: Any of the meat dishes at Bar Vasquez won't disappoint. 

5. Minnow Baltimore

They claim to have some of the best seafood in Baltimore...and I have to agree.

Don't like seafood? They have a dry aged burger on a black squid ink bun that rack up the likes on Instagram.

Price Range: $$$ ($30-60)

Signature Dishes: While the fish here is amazing, be sure to try an order of the cheddar biscuits with black garlic–so good!


In my opinion, Baltimore is an underrated food city. Move over New York City and Los Angeles, try these restaurants and you'll know why all the foodies are flocking to good 'ole Bmore.

Enjoying a weekend with your parents doesn't always have to involve an expensive meal but when a special occasion rolls around, suggest one of these restaurants to impress the 'rents.