It's June in New York City, which means beautiful weather, outdoor seating for brunch, and most importantly, Pride! As a lover of both food and LGBTQ+ rights, I couldn't dream of a better way to celebrate Pride month (other than some social activism) than with these colorful treats from all around NYC. 

Queens Comfort

Montana Barbieri, better known as donutdivany, is Queens Comfort's resident baker. Though she is known for her crazy delicious donuts, I am a huge fan of her rainbow cake, which is moist, colorful, and so good; the perfect treat to celebrate Pride in NYC. 

Union Fare

Flaky croissants filled with birthday cake frosting topped with lots of rainbow sprinkles, need I say more? 

Ballsy Bites

Skyler Bouchard, who actually started Spoon NYU, is the queen of all things related to cake balls. What started out as a fun treat to bake, Bouchard transformed her cake balls into a business, Ballsy Bites. There's no better way to celebrate than pre-gaming all the NYC Pride festivities with these little rainbow bites of cake while simultaneously supporting a female small business owner. They can be found at Sweet Generation Bakery

The Bagel Store

This rainbow treat probably makes you wish calories don't count during Pride Month. This rainbow bagel stuffed with rainbow funfetti cream cheese, party cake bites, and sprinkles is definitely one gluttonous way to celebrate Pride. 

The Good Sort

If sweets aren't your thing, opt for one of these iced rainbow lattes from NYC cafe, the Good Sort. Not only are these drinks beautiful looking, they are also dairy free and colored completely naturally with blue algae, turmeric, and beetroot. 

Bouchon Bakery

Unlike most rainbow cakes that only feature three colors, Bouchon Bakery's rainbow cake features all seven colors of the rainbow. These little cakes are literally gushing with pride. 

Dek Sen

Twenty rainbow crepes layered with whipped cream sounds like the most aesthetically pleasing and perfect way to celebrate a love for food and rights for all members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Doughnut Plant

Raspberry doughnuts made specifically for Pride by one of the best doughnut shops in NYC, I'll take a dozen. 

Baked in Color

Located in Turnstyle NYC, the underground marketplace located within the Columbus Circle subway stop, Baked in Color serves up some super colorful and delicious cookies. 

Sweet Corner Bakeshop

New York City: home to both cheesecake and acceptance of all people. NYC bakery, Sweet Corner combines these two NYC things into a perfect rainbow cheesecake. 

Make sure to safely celebrate Pride this month, stay hydrated during protests and parades, and eat all the best colorful foods in honor of Pride month.