For those of us on the meal plan, we only have three travel meal swipes per week. Many struggle with deciding where to use these three precious swipes, so here's a ranking to help decide where to use them.

9. Tomlinson Subway

Unknown to most CWRU students is the Subway in the basement of Tomlinson Hall. Although Subway is loved by many, the Tomlinson Subway is only open for a few odd hours a day (M-F 8-10am and 1:30-3pm), ranking it last.

sandwich, bread, cheese, lettuce
Amanda Shulman

8. Naan

Located in the heart of Tink, Naan serves up Indian food seven days a week. With a meal swipe you get an entree with two sides. Naan only allows you to use meal swipes after 2pm and quickly closes at 7pm, giving you a limited time to enjoy their food.

7. Pinzas

Pinzas Italian style food satisfies your cravings for several types of pizza, pasta, and sandwiches makes the perfect study snack. It’s short meal swipe availability lowers its height on the list, since meal swipes are only available from 2-7pm.

6. 8Twenty6

8Twenty6 allows you to let your creativity soar. Mainly a salad bar, this Tink establishment is open for meal swipe use from 2-7pm.

5. Tomlinson Marketplace

A hidden gem of the quad, Tomlinson Marketplace consists of a Chipotle style taco bar, a grill serving up favorites like chicken fingers and fries, a power bowl station, and a station serving up delicious comfort food. Tomlinson Marketplace has limited hours, serving breakfast from 8-10am and lunch from 1:30-3pm but is a great spot to grab breakfast or a late lunch while spending time on the quad

tacos, vegetable, lettuce, fish, chicken, salad, lime
Zoe Zaiss

4. Melt University

Melt University makes the perfect afternoon study snack. Meal swipes can be used from 2pm to 9:30pm, Melt is the perfect mid-campus location to grab a tasty grilled cheese sandwich and french fries.

3. The Jolly Scholar

The Jolly Scholar, or Jolly as it’s more commonly known, is Case’s on campus bar. With a meal swipe you can order a variety of meals like mozzarella sticks, pretzels and queso dip, and my personal favorite, a milkshake.

2. Dunkin Donuts

Starting at 8am, Dunkin Donuts can brighten up the start of your day with a meal swipe consisting of a sandwich, a side (hashbrowns or a donut), and a medium drink.

chocolate, doughnut, cream, sweet, candy
Elena Bailoni

1. The Den

Finally, the Den. Open until 2am, the Den serves up diner classics like mozzarella sticks, chicken fingers, and burgers with fries to fill all of your late night cravings.

With only three travel meal swipes a week, it's important to consider the best place to use them.