If you love breathtaking sunsets, beautiful waters, and talented street performers or just to get away to a place that feels like paradise (without technically leaving the continental U.S.) then you'd love the city of Key West, Florida. Ever since I was a little girl I have been going to Key West with my family, and each time I discover a new place on this beautiful island. As someone who loves good food (and who doesn't?), I know all too well that it can be tough to plan where to eat while you're on vacation. Instead of shouting into the abyss that is Google searches and Yelp reviews, let me fill you in on the best places to fill your belly in Key West. 

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Brianna Hauck

Geiger Key Marina

Geiger Key Marina is a great restaurant for fisherman and lovers of super fresh seafood. Geiger Key Marina is loved by many locals for tons of different reasons. They have tons of seafood offerings ranging from coconut shrimp to conch fitters, plus some other non-aquatic offerings if seafood isn't your jam. If you're into fishing, this is definitely the place to go. You can even bring your catch into the restuarant and they'll cook it for you- talk about fresh from the ocean, huh?  On the weekends, Geiger Key Marina is also open for breakfast. Also, this restaurant being on the water is just a bonus.

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Brianna Hauck

Only Wood Pizzeria Trattoria

Only Wood is definitely one of my favorite pizza places. It is kind of hidden because it is a little off of the beaten track of Duval Street. But once you find it, I promise you won't regret it. On top of the amazing coal-fired pizza with tons of topping options, they also have the most amazing service. With the option to sit inside or outside, you can escape the heat or enjoy the sun. Even though it's a pizza place, don't forget to try the chicken wings and the sauce- I literally crave them every day of my life.

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Brianna Hauck

Sloppy Joe's Bar

 Sloppy Joe's is a must-see for any tourist on the island of Key West. This popular restaurant and bar has been around since 1937. They have mouth-watering food, plenty of alcoholic drinks,  and occassionally live music. Sloppy Joe's also has a webcam outside and inside of there restaurant that streams daily online so you can pretend you're still in paradise once you've gone home to the snow. So, make sure you smile and wave at the camera!

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Brianna Hauck

The events that take place at this restaurant are definitely known across the city of Key West. Every year on Earnest Hemingway's birthday, Sloppy Joe's hosts a look-alike contest to celebrate the late author and Key West homeowner. Many people gather around outside to watch the Conch drop from the top of Sloppy Joe's in celebration of the New Year in case you're not so into the freezing temperatures to see the ball drop in NYC. Sloppy Joe's is a Key West classic, and a must-see for anyone visiting the island. 

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Brianna Hauck

There is so much beauty within Key West, Florida. This island definitely has a mix of different people, cultures, and food. This mixed with the beauty of the island makes Key West a very special place. Between the gorgeous sunsets, calm waters, and smiling faces all around, I hope you enjoy and take in all of what the island has to offer. My last advice to you is eat well, drink responsibly, and have great vacation in paradise.