When moving to Atlanta for college, I was excited to meet new people, experience living in a big city and, most importantly, I was excited for the vast array of restaurants. Little did I know, I would be overwhelmed with how many amazing restaurants Atlanta has—Atlantans do not mess around when it comes to food. So, when a friend is coming into town to visit, how do you pick? Luckily, I've narrowed down the best places to eat in Atlanta that are sure to impress your friend. 


Stella Davis

Where: Sun in my Belly 

Why: Atlanta takes brunch very seriously, so it's no surprise that there is a long list of amazing brunch places to pick from, yet Sun in my Belly never fails to impress me. Their unique twists on classic brunch foods make their brunch delicious and unforgettable. 

What to order: I spend my weekends craving their Belly Benedict. Imagine your eggs benedict but sitting on top of a pile of sweet potatoes and bacon (the lavender biscuit on the side doesn't hurt either). 


Where: Bar taco

Why: Tacos are hard to beat—you get to try a bunch of different flavors, they are all self-contained in their own tortilla blanket, and they are delicious. Bar taco's amazing, out-of-the-box tacos are only made better by the beachy ambiance and prime location. 

What to order: Some of my personal favorite tacos are the pork belly and tuna tatako tacos, but my favorite thing is the Mexican street corn– this authentic classic is made better with a generous topping of parmesan.  

#Spoontip: Order if off the cob to avoid those pesky kernels in your teeth. 


Where: Ponce City Market

Why: Can't decide what to eat? Ponce City Market is perfect for the indecisive, the hungry and the adventurous. It's an old factory that was repurposed to house some of the best restaurants in Atlanta. 

What to order: Ponce is filled with so many amazing choices that it's hard to pick one. Some of my all-time favorites are Hop's Chicken, Minero, and Honeysuckle gelato (a must for the post-dinner sweet tooth).

#Spoontip: Head to ponce a little early and head to the Roof at Ponce to play some mini-golf, win some arcade games and take in a breathtaking view of Atlanta. 

Somethin' sweet

Where: Butter and Cream 

Why: Ice cream is always a crowd pleaser and is perfect to cool down from that Southern heat. For ice cream, Butter and Cream is the place to go and will be sure to make your friend's trip to Atlanta worth it. 

What to order: OG goodness is actually life-changing. Imagine the best butter cake you've ever had, inside the creamiest ice cream. You can thank me later. 

With this line up of some the best places to eat in Atlanta, I have a feeling this won't be the last time your friend comes to visit. I suggest investing in an air mattress.