Most go to Hawaii wanting long days on the beach hoping to come back with a nice bronze tan... nope, not me. I went with the goal to find the best foods the Island of Oahu had to offer.

Don't get me wrong, I did get my fair share of tanning in, but I also didn't go hungry while visiting. Here are some of the food adventures I embarked on throughout my week in Oahu.

Arvo Cafe

salad, avocado
Alessandra Tacconelli

Arvo Cafe is the cutest cafe full of succulents and yummy coffee smells. Along with their amazingly creative coffee menu, they have tons of toasts, including avocado toast, Nutella, strawberries and banana toast, and lox and cream cheese toast. 

espresso, coffee, chocolate, mocha, cinnamon
Alessandra Tacconelli

Palm tree coffee art—now isn't that fitting? Arvo Cafe can add a palm tree design to any hot drink they offer—a perfect Insta opportunity. 

Alessandra Tacconelli

It was so good I went there twice within four days. 

milk, strawberry, pudding
Alessandra Tacconelli

Their coffee special of the week was a colorful Mermaid latte. This latte was unlike any coffee art I had ever seen. 

Haleiwa Bowls

salad, cheese
Alessandra Tacconelli

Haleiwa Bowls were some of the most fresh and tropical açaí bowls I had ever tasted. They have an amazing açaí blend that you can either have in a thick smoothie-like texture or sorbet texture. Their toppings, including all fruits, coconut flakes, coconut oil, cocoa nibs, granola, chia seeds, are endless.

They recommended having coconut oil added to the bowl before the toppings are added. This created a thick yummy coating of coconut on the açaí blend. 

Kaimana Farm Cafe

banana, peanut, french toast, toast
Alessandra Tacconelli

Kaimana Farm Cafe known for its local and fresh food, had the absolute best (and biggest) caramelized banana french toast

Olive and Oliver 

tea, coffee, milk
Alessandra Tacconelli

Olive and Oliver, located in the Surf Jack hotel in Waikiki, is the most adorable boutique and coffee shop. 

beer, coffee, tea
Alessandra Tacconelli

Not only is their coffee amazing, but they have the most creative and adorable coffee cups and coffee sleeves.

Shaka Bowls Food Truck

Alessandra Tacconelli

After tanning and swimming all day at Sandy Beach, Shaka Bowls Food Truck was the best refreshing açaí treat. 

Da Hawaiian Poké Co

We all know poké is the big hype right now, so being in Hawaii, we had to try some fresh poké. After doing a little bit of research, we found Da Hawaiian Poké Co. It was the perfect option for a quick pick up so we could go eat our poké on the beach. I particularly loved this place because they let you have taste testers of each poké option before committing to one flavor. 

Leonard's Bakery

beer, coffee, pizza, tea
Alessandra Tacconelli

Leonard's Bakery—the home of malasadas. A malasada is a Portugese doughnut without the hole. 

cinnamon, apple, doughnut
Alessandra Tacconelli

Leonard's Bakery has so many flavors and fillings. There fillings include chocolate, coconut, and monthly flavors. They also have cinnamon sugar and regular malasadas without fillings. A must for anyone with a sweet tooth. 

Next time you are planning a trip, be sure to think of Oahu, Hawaii. Home has endless adventures and an abundance of amazing foods for you to try, it's a no-brainer!