Emerson College is located right in the city of Boston. Because of that, Emerson students are used to not having a traditional campus like surrounding colleges like Boston University, Harvard, and MIT do. Having a quiet place to get away, study, think - possibly let some emotions out alone - might be hard when the library is crowded, or your dorm room is too loud. Although, there is a major perk of Emerson's campus being in the city, in that Boston is their campus and students have so many options to go study or simply be alone.

Walker Building

Although Emerson is a smaller college than the rest, there are some places on the actual campus that can be great quiet spaces. The Walker Building has 14 study rooms, four within the Iwasaki Library. You can reserve these rooms when you're there, or book them in advance. Also, unlike most libraries, students are allowed to bring in food to eat while they are reading or studying. Brain fuel is everything and Emerson’s librarians understand that.

Piano Row's Quiet Lounge

Right behind The Max Cafe, there is a quiet lounge for students who need silence to get work done. If you're someone who cannot deal with noise when reading or studying, you'll want to check out this place, which is made for those that need complete silence. So grab some lunch from the cafe and peacefully sit in silence with your homework.

Boston Athenæum

This beautiful library is a perfect place to get some work done, read, or simply have quiet time to yourself. Sometimes it's nice to get away and have some head space from your regular life at school. Take a cup of coffee or tea with you from the surrounding cafes when going to this place, because you might want to stay a while to soak it all in. 


Whether it's day or night, the Esplanade is the perfect place to get some peace and quiet. If you need to clear your head and step away for a little breather, head there: the ocean sounds really calm you down and allow you to gather yourself from whatever you may be going through.  Plus, simply walking around this area, you can find yourself at a small playground, walking alongside a lake, and grabbing a small bite from the Charles River Bistro.

Boston Garden

The gardens are my personal favorite place to go to read a book and have a cup of joe by the lake while getting a little sun. There is a refreshing vibe I get when I come here by myself and it allows me to get my head in the right place when I'm stressed about school and other things. 

Boston has so many options for people to go to when they need to step away from their busy lives. It's a safe city with tons of history, and it's easy to distract yourself from any worries you may have and let your mind wander. Everyone has their battles, especially while in school. It's okay to be alone and allow yourself to think every once in a while. Just know, if you are ever stressed about a certain class or personal things that may be going on in your life, it's okay to open up to someone you trust, or an older adult that may have experienced what you're going through at the moment to get some advice to get through whatever your mind is clouded by.