Colorado College is a small campus. It seems like everyone knows everyone else, or at least knows someone who knows them. This is usually great because you have people to talk to everywhere. On the other hand, when you are in search of some alone time, knowing everyone complicates that. Fortunately, there are lots of great places to be alone at Colorado College if you need to eat, cry or study.

Eat Alone: Colorado Coffee

Arielle Gordon

Colorado Coffee (and Benji's) is the perfect place for when you need to grab a bite by yourself. During non-meal rush times, there are always tables available for you to spread out with homework, a book, or just to listen to the random music of the day. Colorado Coffee offers the largest selection of drinks on campus, with coffee, smoothies, and other specialty drinks available for order along with many canned or bottled drinks. They also have a wide variety of pastries and grab-and-go food for you to enjoy. 

Benji's grill items are perfect for when you need a greasy pick-me-up. The chicken tenders are always a hit and you cannot go wrong with grilled cheese. The lunch specials are not a peaceful time if you want to be alone, but if you go during the less busy dinner window, you can almost always get a massive burrito made to order. 

Go ahead, take some time for yourself and enjoy some food and your own company on campus. 

Cry Alone: Wellness Resource Center 

Arielle Gordon

The Wellness Resource Center (2nd floor of Worner) is the perfect place to cry alone. It is practically designed to catch you in a down moment. It is a comforting, brightly lit space with lots of chairs and couches that make it a place to relax. Tissues are on stand by and snacks are also at the ready. They care about you in the WRC and are ready to help you feel better. 

When you are done crying (I mean, let it all out), there are usually puzzles available for anyone to work on, and other relaxing activities to do when you are calm, but not ready to face the world again. 

Study Alone: "Garden Level" of Tutt Library 

Arielle Gordon

The basement of the library. An alternative to the often-crowded fourth floor, holing up underground is a sign to the world that you have work to do. Whether it be in a thesis carrel, or one of those airplane chairs, your presence in the cool, dim basement signals that you are there to work, and only to work. No one dares to bother others, so you are guaranteed a peaceful work environment. 

Additionally, working in the library means that you have access to the research help desk and IT services, but most importantly, Susie B's. Now that it is open Saturdays and Sundays, there is no excuse for not working in the library when you plan to study all day. 

All this is to say that alone time is important and it can be spent in many ways. Colorado College allows you to eat, cry, and study alone on campus, and there is nothing stopping you from doing more than one in any of these locations.