Brunch: the most important meal of the day, and the holy grail of hungover college students everywhere. You love it. I love it. Leonardo DiCaprio probably loves it. Brunch is flexible in terms of what time of the day you can go, and what you can order (Pancakes? Burger? Omelet? All of the above?). Unfortunately, it can sometimes be hard to figure out what options are available to us, and which ones are worth trying out.

Luckily, as a Certified Brunch Expert™, I have had plenty of experience scoping out the Williamsburg brunch scene and I can provide some fire recommendations.  Here's where to find the best brunches in Williamsburg, VA.

Culture Café

Convenient in location and absurdly Instagram-worthy, Culture Café makes for both a trendy and tasty morning meal. The menu, based on high-quality ingredients and creative flavor combos, changes frequently, so there's always something new to try. Don't forget to grab a fresh pastry and illy coffee with your meal.

Baker's Crust

Just a short drive from campus, Baker's Crust uses local ingredients to provide an array of yummy offerings, including an eggs Benedict dish that incorporates unconventional ingredients like fried chicken, pork belly, crab meat, and sweet potato biscuits. Some other fun picks are their bacon, egg, and cheese waffle-wich and their Jamaican French toast covered in caramelized bananas.

College Delly

Although the College Delly is better known for its nightlife, it also serves up a great Sunday brunch within walking distance. They offer fun weekly specials in addition to their regular menu items, and the portions are super generous. You can wash it all down with a mimosa pitcher for some hair of the dog. Try the breakfast pizza or one of their monstrous and delicious omelets. 

The Smokey Griddle Pancake House

Only a quick drive away, the Smokey Griddle is your go-to for a classic southern comfort breakfast. You can order their fluffy pancakes on their own or as past of a combo meal, so come hungry. Other menu highlights include their breakfast chimichanga and their to-die-for chicken and waffles.

Blue Talon Bistro

Although it is a popular birthday dinner spot for students, Blue Talon has plenty to offer in the morning hours as well. For brunch you can feast on tasty salads and menu favorites like their legendary burger and mac & cheese, in addition to their breakfast offerings. The French toast and creamy truffled eggs are the bomb.

The Trellis Bar and Grill

Another winner in the heart of Williamsburg is The Trellis. They offer an array of champagne cocktails for those of age, plus some creative spins on breakfast classics, like their ham biscuit with berry compote and their slow roasted duck and chicken hash. They also offer outdoor seating, so during the warmer months it's a great spot to people watch and soak up some rays. 

Opus 9 Steakhouse

Fiona Galey

If it's a special occasion and you're willing to shell out a little more cash, the Sunday brunch buffet at Opus 9 can get you a lot of bang for your buck. The buffet offers meat carving stations, omelets, waffles, eggs benedict, salads, lunch entrees, and more. They even have a chocolate fountain, which totally seals the deal.

Shorty's Diner

cream, syrup, chocolate, banana
Banana Chocolate Chip Pancakes- by Andrea Kang

Shorty's business model is good food, large portions, small prices, and boy do they deliver. Breakfast is served all day in classic diner fashion. The country fried steak is a dish to remember (your arteries won't thank you but your stomach will), and the pancakes are a tasty option too. Or if you can't decide, you can go with the sampler and try a little bit of everything!

Food for Thought

If you're looking for a menu that's extensive and off-beat, plan a trip to Food For Thought. With offerings like their "Sir Isaac Newton" apple, bacon and brie omelet, and their "perfect cure" fried steak, egg, and cheese sandwich, your brunch will be far from boring. To take things to the next level, get some fresh beignets for the table.

Honey Butter's Kitchen

Another place to find a satisfying southern breakfast is Honey Butter's. They serve up down-home classics like fried catfish and biscuits and gravy in addition to an array of pancake and omelet options. Their garlic fried potatoes are a favorite among students and locals alike.

Second Street Bistro

bagel, meat, cheese, bread, lox, vegetable
Sofía Vainesman

Offering contemporary American fare and a stylish ambience, Second Street is a great pick if you want to feel "adult-y" without the steep price tag. They have a bunch of cocktail options and unique dishes to try. Some great picks are the "Irish Breakfast" with marble rye toast, the Scottish smoked salmon, and the carrot cake pancakes.

The Williamsburg brunch scene is a lot better than most people know and there's something out there for everyone. So when you wake up hangry this weekend, be sure to treat yo-self by checking out one of these delicious options. Happy Brunching!