Picture this: it's past midnight, you're starving, KFC isn't accepting orders anymore, the only place you can think of that would be open is McDonald's, and you're starting to get hangry. We've all been there. Fear not, here's a list of the best places in Abu Dhabi for late night cravings- from pancakes to Thai roast duck.  


Open 24/7

This one should be a given. If you want an early breakfast this is the place to go. With all-day breakfast served and the coziness of a diner setting, Denny's is the go-to spot for some greasy comfort food after a long night out. Must try the waffles. 

Approximately 50-60Dhs/ person

Johnny Rockets 

Open until 1am

If you're craving a burger, here's your next destination. Johnny Rockets offers classic American food that'll keep your soul as happy as your stomach. 

#SpoonTip: More than just the burgers and fries, the milkshakes are the real hidden gems of this place.

Approximately 70Dhs/person

Layali Al-Sham  

Open till 3am

Here's the place to go to embrace that inner Arab-ness you've been needing to let loose. Try a mix of Middle-Eastern food including mixed grill, authentic hummus, and other options in a comfortable, easy-to-grab atmosphere.

Approximately 30Dhs/ person

Cho Gao 

Open until 2am on the weekend

From sushi to Thai roasted duck with red curry, Chinese black pepper beef to Vietnamese Banana Blossom Salad, this restaurant offers a variety of Asian cuisine to suit your every need. 

Approximately 130Dhs/person

Buffalo Wings and Rings 

Open until 3am

When the craving for finger-licking food hits, Buffalo Wings and Rings is the place to be. Aside from their burgers and fries, the wings are the real show-stoppers here, offered in a variety of sauces and heat levels. 

Approximately 50-70 Dhs/ person

Meknes Restaurant  

Open until 1am

This is the place to go for authentic Moroccan food. The cozy ambiance and homely service heightens the experience of the variety of food offered to create a vivid Moroccan experience. Don't miss the tea offered.

Approximately 60Dhs/ person  


Open until 3am

For a unique, late-night experience, Salt offers the unexpected. From Chicken Cheeto Sliders and Cheeto fries to Lotus ice cream, your mouth will want more. Also, enjoy the outdoor seating at this cute food truck before the weather becomes too unbearable. 

Approximately 60Dhs/person

Stars 'n' Bars 

Open until 3:30am

If you're looking for a more sophisticated atmosphere, Stars 'n' Bars offers a lively ambiance, nightlife, and a great view of Yas Marina. In addition to the tasty food, the shisha and chilled out atmosphere make it the perfect place for an amazing night with friends. 

Approximately 120 Dhs/ person

Treat yo'self this weekend to some midnight breakfast, or a greasy burger with curly fries, because what's better than a late night binge with friends? Happy feasting!