Are you a freshman still learning the ropes of college and where to get food? Or, maybe you’re a senior who thinks they know all the tricks. Even so, with so many choices that State College has to offer, doesn’t everyone desire a simplified list of the best?

Not only does this list contain some of the best eateries, but, specifically, the best delivery places. So keep calm and stay at home. Whether you’re sick, tired, lazy, or it’s raining outside, good food’s only a click away.

1. Wings Over Happy Valley

State College

Photo by Hannah Burks

This one’s for the meat lovers. Love super spicy wings, go with Red Alert. Not a fan, well, you can order Wimpy wings.

#SpoonTip: Make sure to check their hours. Most days Wings Over isn’t open until 4 pm.

Ultimate Order: A Paper Airplane order (7 jumbo wings) with at least one Jet Fuel wing and at least one Cajun BBQ. Mix and match to suit your cravings. Order more and invite friends for a real hot party.

2. Gumby’s Pizza

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#SpoonTip: you absolutely must know about Gumby’s if you go to Penn State. They’re famous for their Pokey-Stix.

What are Pokey-Stix? Imagine the worlds tastiest, cheesiest, breadstick that’s also covered in a special garlic butter sauce. Yes, there’s a reason they are world famous.

Ultimate Order: You know what to get.

3. Fuji and Jade Garden

State College

Photo by Caitlin Wolper

It might not look like anything special from the outside, but on the inside they make some of the best Asian food around. Both Japanese and Chinese food can be delivered right to your door.

#SpoonTip: if you’re new to this whole sushi thing, be careful when you try wasabi for the first time. It’s bitter and spicy so might be a bit of a shock if you’re not expecting it.

Ultimate Order: Basically anything off their sushi menu — they have over 20 different types of sushi. Try the E-Z Roll for some yummy crab and avocado sushi.

4. Insomnia Cookies

State College

Photo by Caitlin Wolper

Though this is a widespread chain it’s still very popular at PSU. Seriously, who doesn’t love cookies? Since they remain open so late you can satisfy your midnight sweet tooth.

#SpoonTip: Most people don’t know that ice cream is offered at Insomnia as well (and you can order an ice cream cookie sandwich).

Ultimate Order: One or more of the three Deluxe Cookies offered. This includes the S’mores Deluxe, the Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Deluxe, and the Triple Chocolate Chunk Deluxe. You don’t have to have a deluxe appetite to enjoy these.

5. D. P. Dough

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Italian calzones, wings, salads and more. D. P. Dough is hands down the best calzone place in State College.

#SpoonTip: If you know exactly what you want then you can create your own calzone.

Ultimate Order: The classic Hero Zero calzone for a unique calzone that contains lamb.

6. Herwig’s Austrian Bistro

State College

Photo by Armin Nayak

Shake it up with some international food rather than boring usual college food, like pizza (though we love you pizza, sometimes too much of a good thing isn’t so good anymore).

#SpoonTip: Look up the menu at home before you go, that way you can see a description of what is actually in the food and you won’t hold up the line by choosing from the varied selection of options.

Ultimate Order: The Wiener Saft Gulasch (you’ve at least heard of gulasch before, right?). It’s basically beef chunks served in a spicy sauce with onions and garlic, served with a bread dumpling. Yes, it’s okay that you don’t know how to properly pronounce the food choices.

7. Famous Ernie’s Steaks

State College

Photo by Armin Nayak

You can order from their Beaver Ave. storefront or eat while inside at the Phyrst to enjoy some music as well. Either way Ernie’s cheesesteaks are probably the closest you’ll get to Philidelphia quality while in State College.

#SpoonTip: Ernie’s has probably the best fries in town for only $4 for a plate (you don’t have to break the bank to eat here).

Ultimate Order: A Philly cheese steak, of course. If you’re feeling really hungry go for the large, then you can take home what you don’t finish.

8. Canyon Pizza

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Photo Courtesy of Canyon Pizza’s Facebook Page

Many Penn Staters agree that Canyon is a popular crowd pleaser, but it’s not a place you’d want to take a first date.

#SpoonTip: If you’ve only come here for an late, after party slice then you should try coming here when maybe you haven’t had as much to drink, the pizza actually isn’t that bad. Plus, it’s really cheap.

Ultimate Order: Their white pizza. It’s a tasty classic done right.

9. Crunchee Munchee’s

State College

Photo by Armin Nayak

This one’s a baby compared to most of the other eateries. Though it only opened up this past March it has quickly become a hit. The food they have would put them in the late night snack category or for the adventurous who don’t mind eating salty or deep fried things.

#SpoonTip: Try something new. For example, where else can you get deep fried pickles? Also, it might not be advisable to eat here frequently, cause of the whole deep fried thing.

Ultimate order: The D-Warn which is a sub (or wrap if you prefer) with turkey, turkey bacon, veggies, and crushed BBQ chips on top — and an order of deep fried pickles.

10. Sadie’s Gourmet Waffles

State College

Photo by Armin Nayak

Sadie’s is no Waffle Shop but it’s the next best waffle place, and the only waffle place in State College that delivers.

#SpoonTip: Don’t forget Sadie’s has more than breakfast, they serve sweets, sandwiches, and wraps too.

Ultimate Order: The Gourmet Waffle (strawberry, banana, and apple compote a brown sugar butter sauce) with a chai tea or a cococcino to drink.