If the idea of gathering with a group of friends on a lazy Sunday morning, enjoying some fun music while sipping on mimosas and munching on a large plate of eggs, hash browns, and crispy bacon sounds good to you, then you’ll love this list of top brunch spots in Orange County.

Brunch is the perfect weekend activity to wrap up a long week, eat a ridiculous amount of delicious food, and socialise with good friends. And if those bottomless mimosas keep coming, it can easily turn into a full-day event. 

While catching a buzz is definitely part of the fun, college brunch experience, the food is obviously just as important. Trust me when I say you’re bound to leave from any of these places with a partial food coma, yet ready to keep partying.

After deciding that brunch should for sure be a weekly activity, I began to explore different spots in Orange County that offered not only a spectacular brunch menu, but also those tasty, sparkling mimosas. 

1. Citrus City Grille

Citrus City Grille is without a doubt one of the best brunch spots in Orange County. Located in the heart of downtown Orange, this spot is worth the extra buck. Although slightly pricier than some of the other places on this list, the food and unlimited mimosas are totally worth it. Each person pays a flat rate of about $35, which includes an all-you-can-eat buffet and bottomless mimosas (that aren’t just all orange juice with a splash of champagne...).

With options of indoor or outdoor seating, Citrus City Grille has enough space to accommodate large groups comfortably. The buffet is for sure the best part, offering quality food and a wide variety of options. Whether you’re in the mood for eggs, roast beef, or poke, they have it all. You will not leave this place until you are stuffed, and probably slightly buzzed—but that just means you did it right.

2. Bosscat Kitchen and Libations

This next place kills the brunch game with its lively, hip atmosphere, and unique menu. In fact, it’s so popular that you might want to reserve a table a week in advance if you're coming with a big group. Walking into Bosscat Kitchen and Libations for brunch is like walking into a hip bar, except during the day. The music is poppin', people are having a great time, and the delicious smell of breakfast fills the air.

For roughly $28, you can enjoy unlimited mimosas and or Bloody Mary’s with an entree from their unique menu. The portions don't disappoint and the service is amazing! Seriously though, the food is bomb and you’ll feel like you’re at a crazy family gathering rather than a closed-in restaurant. And If you're into sweets, I highly recommend trying "The King," which are blue suede pancakes with banana cream pudding, maple peanut butter, and bacon... insanely good.

3. La Vida Cantina

La Vida Cantina adds a Mexican twist to this whole mimosa brunch deal. On the weekends, La Vida Cantina's outdoor patio is filled with people enjoying the live music, dancing, eating, and sipping on drinks. Although making a reservation ahead of time is a good idea, they definitely do their best to accommodate groups that don’t have reservations.

Bottomless mimosas are of course available, and the waiters/waitresses will hook it up by continuously refilling your glass. However, their margarita selection definitely deserves some attention. Check out their Raspberry Margarita—it's so fresh and always my go-to at La Vida Cantina!

Along with the amazing drinks, La Vida Cantina’s top-notch Mexican food will leave you wanting to come back for more. You can’t go wrong with anything on their menu and you might even end up on your feet dancing with your friends for the rest of the day.  

4. Mama's on 39

Mama’s Truffle Tots. That’s really all you need to know, but I won’t tease you like that. Located in Huntington Beach, this place is perfect for large groups or casual gatherings. Their menu is unlike any other place around here―it's pure fun with options like a breakfast pizza (you might love it so much you'll want to create your own at home) and a Hash-a-Burrito (basically just a monster burrito filled with deliciousness). But if you’re just looking for a classic, large American breakfast, then this place is perfect for you too.

Now let’s talk booze. Mama’s on 39 offers everything from Jalapeño Martinis to bottomless mimosas and spiked shakes. The only mistake you can make at Mama's is not saving room for dessert. So grab one of their Thrifty’s ice cream cones and head to the beach to enjoy the rest of your day!


If you're like me and love to Instagram your food, especially when you go to trendy new restaurants, then you've got to check out SOCIAL in Costa Mesa. 

This modern and hip spot is not only interiorly designed to perfection, but is also known for being an ingredient-focused restaurant with delectable dishes and cocktails. Their Sunday brunch menu is nothing short of amazing, including savory dishes like the Breakfast Burger, Chicken and Waffles, and Avocado Toast and sweet dishes like Cinnamon and Sugar donuts (which by the way are glazed with Horchata and paired with vanilla ice cream... need I say more?)

And to pair with all of this delicious food, they offer a unique list of beautiful craft cocktails such as Mommy's Juice Box and White Girl Lattes, which you're going to have to try for yourself to understand how amazing they really are. And of course, you're regular mimosas are available for only $5 a glass. 

I'll leave you with a quote by Ernest Hemingway that is featured boldly on inside of SOCIAL in Costa Mesa: "An intelligent man is sometimes forced to be drunk to spend time with his fools."

So there you have it, a sweet and simple list of the top brunch spots in Orange County. Although Saturdays might be for the boys, Sundays are definitely for the whole gang. Plus, they say calories don’t count on Sundays, right? So go indulge in a massive plate of food and an endless amount of booze... Treat yo self... There’s no way you’ll regret it.