Once common hours hit, it becomes nearly impossible to find a place to study alone when you're fighting a swarm of people rushing to the lunchroom to hoard seats. Sometimes it's like Armageddon when you have to eye each other and see who has the meanest stare.

Some people like to enjoy eating outside, so they go to the West Quad, past the halal carts, and sit at the green patio tables with umbrellas. But sometimes harsh weathers could be so unforgiven and you either end up freezing or melting from the scorching heat waves. At this point, if you're really desperate to get a seat to just eat your lunch in peace, you might go the student center to be all cramped up in one tiny seat with people yelling and billiard balls clanking at each other in the background. But only the truly woken ones know where the hidden spot is.

5th floor at Boylan Hall.

The Hidden Gem

Hidden at each end of the 5th floor at Boylan Hall, lays vacant seats and a medium-size square table for two. Because of its location on the fifth floor and no one ever feels like taking a hike up there, it makes the perfect getaway spot for you and a buddy. It's also very quiet over there because it lies in the corridor where there are only janitorial rooms and single bathrooms.

Oddly enough, despite the fact that so many students have class at Boylan's, the tables are usually empty. Surrounded are hangings of student paintings and a red couch who's leather is still new from the lack of stretch it was meant for.

Edmund Zhen

Despite all the good things about it, if your electronics ever happen to be low on battery, you're going to be in a slight predicament as there is no outlet close to the tables. However, there are a set of outlets slightly adjacent to the square table that works. So either you sit there on the floor next to it as a bum or be gutsy and move the whole table there.

Edmund Zhen

Also, the temperature there will always be appropriate and comfortable to your taste (unless you're sick) because the AC will always be the strongest there and the heat will be the coziest. There is literally no rooms on the fifth floor that can outmatch that spot. Don't ever question why. Just take it for granted and enjoy your stay there.