I love my parents.

They’re funny, warm, and unbelievably kind. However, most importantly, they always pay the bill when we go out to eat. I’m not saying that fact was the key motivation behind me recently inviting them down to Eugene for lunch, but it was certainly a key factor. I knew I had to get the most out of this meal. No pedestrian Subway or Panda Express for us. With that in mind I stumbled upon Tacovore (yes like carnivore but with tacos). After going there, I can now confidently say that it’s the place to get lunch when your parents come down to visit. 

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Joe Erickson

Let’s get the only the negative (and possibly hilarious) point from this experience out of the way first. My parents, found it difficult to understand the name of this restaurant when I said it to them. Some of their interpretations included ‘Taco-core’ and ‘Taco-bore'.  

The basic pillars of a good dining experience were evident during our time at Tacovore. The dining area was flooded with natural light and interesting decor. The menu was short but had a respectable amount of different meats to complement the various taco options. The wait staff were incredibly nice and very helpful when we asked about their personal menu favorites.

Joe Erickson

Soon after ordering, our drinks made their way to the table. My hibiscus agua fresca was perfectly sweet without being too sugary. I can’t comment on my mother’s margarita, but she seemed perfectly content with her beverage.

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Joe Erickson

The tacos themselves definitely held up to the precedent set by the name of the restaurant. In a perfect world, my diet would consist of only those tacos. While all the ones that we tried were great, my personal favorite was the carnitas taco. I’m a sucker for good pork and that taco met all my expectations. The meat’s almost butter like flavor profile went very well with the tender consistency. It’s hard to screw up pork, but Tacovore’s carnitas stands above the rest. Besides the meat, every single taco offered at Tacovore features fresh a tortilla and a variety of vegetables. Simply, these tacos are the best.

However, at the end of the day, this meal was not about tacos or day drinking or the implied shopping. It was about sharing time with loved ones. Being with my parents made me realize that no matter how much I missed them during the prior weeks, they probably still missed me more. Whether it be Tacovore, Subway, or even a skype date, please find the time to meet with your parents and enjoy some food. They will absolutely cherish it and so will you.

And if you’re lucky, they might even take you to Target too.