If you attend Syracuse University or find yourself anywhere near Syracuse, here are some of the dessert highlights. With October being National Dessert Month, it's only fair that you treat yourself to some amazing desserts. Celebrate this month with the best desserts in Syracuse

1. Milkshakes at Modern Malt

milk, ice, cream, milkshake, cocktail
Caroline LeGates

Modern Malt is one of the most well-known spots in Syracuse. Their notable breakfast menu is full of fun and creative plays on typical foods and their milkshakes follow this trend. With milkshakes such as 'Wildberry Poptart' and 'Fruity Pebble', you can't go wrong! Whether just popping in for a milkshake or staying for a full meal with dessert, these milkshakes are worth it!

2. Tous Les Jours Bakery

cake, sweet, chocolate, candy, pastry, cookie, cream, macaroon, sweetmeat
Cat Taylor

If you're looking for a cute bakery to stop in and pick up some treats this is a place for you! This Korean chain sells bubble tea, coffee, and other delightful drinks, but, is most well known for its pastries. They sell everything from eclairs to fruit tarts to macarons and can even make specialty cakes. These desserts aren't just delicious, but also beautiful!

3. Cathy's Cookie Kitchen

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Msu Spoon

Cathy's is a small bakery in Syracuse that sells all kinds of cookies and is open to special deliveries. The store is beautiful on the inside and always smells great! The cookies are made fresh every day ranging from snickers or caramel pretzel to a more simple sugar or chocolate chip. Be sure to stop in next time you're in Armory Square!

4. Glazed & Confused

chocolate, sweet, candy, pastry, cake, cookie
Jocelyn Hsu

If you're a donut fan, chances are you'll love glazed and confused. These donuts aren't your typical glazed or frosted, with flavors ranging from 'Lemon Drop with Blueberry Pop' and 'Chocolate Raspberry Torte' and many, more, you're sure to find some unique donuts to rock your tastebuds. 

5. Sugar & Co.

cake, chocolate, cream, pastry, tiramisu, pie, sweet, custard, brownie, cookie
Mehak Dhawan

For a quick bite and then some delicious dessert, check out Sugar & Co. on West Fayette street. With a cute menu with everyone's favorite desserts, including a flourless chocolate cake and tiramisu, and some more special desserts, such as their cookie dough brownie and chai creme brûlée, you'll enjoy every bite.

6. Insomnia Cookies

chocolate, cookie, chocolate cookie
Izzi Kornfeld

Any Syracuse student's favorite late-night snack is Insomnia Cookies. As one of the most famous cookie chains, the love for insomnia is no different in Syracuse than anywhere else in the U.S. With delivery until 3:00 AM, these cookies serve as the perfect study or night-out snack. Insomnia's staples include their Snickerdoodles, M&M, and Double Chocolate Chunk, but they bring certain specialty cookies out depending on the season. Currently, they're showcasing their 'Caramel Apple Pie' cookies. 

7. Cheesecake Factory

pie, cream, cake, cheesecake, dairy product, sweet, pastry, butter
Jocelyn Hsu

Although a bit more mainstream, the Cheesecake Factory is still a great option when looking around for desserts. Located in Syracuse's 'Destiny USA' mall, Cheesecake Factory has a full menu of great cheesecakes that are sure to please. Their original cheesecake is to die for, but their specialty cheesecakes, such as their 'Salted Caramel', 'Tiramisu', 'Pumpkin', and many other cheesecakes are equally as amazing. If you're a fan of cheesecake, be sure to stop here next time in Syracuse, or any of their other locations.