Tucked in between residential row homes in Port Richmond is where you can find arguably the greatest pizza in Philly. This is where the order your dough ahead of time, BYOB, BYO salad, BYO anything thats not pizza and soda. You might eat a whole pie by yourself because thats how amazing the pizza really is. You might show up and look around and be hesitant to trust how good this place actually is, but do not be fooled by by the casual, no-frills vibe, Tacconelli's Pizzeria is the real deal.

Caitriona Andress

Tacconelli's has been featured on many Best of Philly lists and has even made it on to the Best Pizza in America list. So if you don't trust me and my family of self proclaimed pizza connoisseurs (who all call this our favorite pizza place), you can refer to those lists to prove to you how good this pizza is. 

Tacconelli's Pizza is not somewhere you go on a whim on a Saturday night, you have to plan your visit accordingly because you have to pre-order your pizza doughs when making your reservation. Yes, pre-order your dough! So If you want to go on a Wednesday, you better call ahead- or be warned you just might get shut out of this pizza glory. 

Anything of the things the menu has to offer will have you leaving more than satisfied, but my personal favorite order is a white pizza with tomato and basil on top. It sounds simple, but is seriously delicious and may just be the best pizza you have ever eaten. All of Tacconelli's pies are super thin with a nice garlic-y crispy crust topped with sweet, perfectly seasoned sauce which go together to create amazing pizzas. 

Going with a big group of people leads to ordering more doughs, which just means more types of pizza to try! There are endless combinations of pies you could make from the sauce and toppings combos-- you may even end up eating a whole pizza from attempting to try them all. This is the best pizza in Philly after all so nobody would really blame you if you did!

One thing is that they only accept cash, so make sure to hit up that ATM (which they have in the restaurant)! In the days of credit cards and Venmo make sure somebody in your group reminds everybody of this beforehand. 

Next time you're looking for a place to celebrate a birthday, a good exam grade, a job offer, or ya just want to eat some really great pizza, head to Tacconelli's-- but don't forget to plan ahead and bring some cold hard cash! Bring your coolers full of wine and beer and a salad to start off your meal if you feel so inclined (I won't blame you if you pass on the salad to fill up on pizza) and you're all set to eat the greatest pizza in Philly.