I did an internship at an insurance company one summer and worked closely with my boss. We would travel to different companies together. One time, we had an event in Washington, D.C., and we stopped for dinner at this restaurant called CAVA -- my boss was absolutely obsessed with it. So I tried it out, and I quickly became obsessed with it too. That was the only time I've had CAVA -- until now! The popular Mediterranean-style chain opened up in College Park on Friday. Such a prime location for college students and foodies in general.

What is CAVA?

CAVA is a fast-paced, casual restaurant that serves amazing Mediterranean food. It is a chain restaurant, but it is not highly processed or fried, so it is a healthy alternative to any other chain restaurant. CAVA is also under the same corporate umbrella as Zoë's Kitchen, which is another Mediterranean-themed restaurant.

What kind of food do they serve?

CAVA is a Mediterranean restaurant that I would describe as similar to Chipotle in terms of design and build.

It is a line where you pick what base you want (either a salad, grain bowl, salad and grain bowl combo, or a pita wrap.)

Then, you get to pick as many toppings as you want. When I went to the grand opening on November 30th, 2018, I got a salad and grain bowl with their super greens blend and brown rice. The toppings I got were falafel, roasted veggies, pickled onions, cabbage slaw, herb tahini, olives, hummus, harissa and eggplant purée...YUM! I got my meal to go, and when I returned home, my meal was still just as hot as it was when made! CAVA also sells some of their sauces, dressings and hummus in grocery stores, so pick up some CAVA hummus next time you are at the store to bring the CAVA feeling home to you!

Some other toppings they have are tzatziki sauce, feta cheese, grilled chicken, lamb meatballs, tomato and onion salad, tabbouleh, pita crisps, mint leaves, banana peppers, and so many more sauces and dressings. Each bowl comes with a complimentary and WARM pita... it's delicious!

Prime Location

The new CAVA is located right off of South Campus in the College Park Shopping Center, so it is walking distance for students and easy for people with cars to drive to for a quick lunch or dinner. When I went to the grand opening, they had a lot of people working and the long line moved very quickly. I got my food in less than 5 minutes. CAVA  has options for anyone and for any dietary restriction you might have! Also, when I went to the CAVA in College Park, all the employees were so very welcoming and friendly.

Final Thoughts

CAVA is a great option for college students at Maryland when you need a break from dining hall food, and it is relatively inexpensive- my meal including tax was around $10, and the meal kept me full for the whole afternoon and evening!

10/10 would recommend CAVA in College Park for your next meal!