At these Portland restaurants, classics are taken and turned into something so delicious you'll want to make them your go-to choice every time. If you like good American barbecue, Italian pasta, Hispanic foods, or Middle Eastern delicacies these are some of the places for you. 

1. Grassa

Sarah Varney

#SpoonTip: The music you get in the background of your meal comes from vinyl records they play on the record player you can see when you walk in. There is also a whole wall of records that you can comb through on your right after you walk in the door. 

A cool, modern, and authentic pasta place on NW 23rd Avenue serves up classics in a new, inventive way. There's pasta carbonara, spaghetti "aglio olio," and so much more. Customers can order salads and appetizers in addition to local beer and wine. It is recommended that you pair calamari and the garlic bread to go with your meal. Perfect for a quick lunch or a night out with friends or family. 

For a better look at the menu go to their website: Grassa 

2. Southland Whiskey Kitchen

Sarah Varney

#SpoonTip: Their corndogs aren't made with hotdogs but with hand-rolled sausages that are amazing and definitely worth the order.

From snacks to big plates and sandwiches, this western-themed restaurant feels like a country home. They have some of the best barbecue you will find on NW 23rd Avenue. If you're looking for a good Pulled Pork Sandwich or what I believe to be some of the best St. Louis-style spare ribs, they have it. It's also sides galore at this country feast! Be prepared to drop some dough for those buttermilk biscuits. 

For a better look at the menu go to their website: Southland Whiskey Kitchen

If you have any more interest in good barbecue check out To Sauce or Not to Sauce: Want to get Sauced?

3. Santa Fe Taqueria

Sarah Varney

#SpoonTip: There are so many options it's hard to pick what you want, you almost order everything the first time you go there.

This place is friendly for both kids and adults with an easy order at the food bar and an actual bar for those looking for a good margarita alongside their tacos. There are tacos beyond belief, with a surplus of selections for meat or veggie options.

There are also sides that can include an extra enchilada or tamale if you're looking for something extra with your lunch or dinner. What comes highly recommended from us at Spoon are the classic El Taco, you get your choice of meat with onions and cilantro. Delicious and affordable. 

For a better look at the menu go to their website: Santa Fe Taqueria

4. Red Onion Thai Cuisine

Sarah Varney

#SpoonTip: The prices depend on what type of meat you order with your meal, making some dishes cheaper than others. 

Thai dining at some of its finest at this easy to find restaurant. The food itself make a lasting impression. It's affordable and worth the spicy kick of flavor. The options range from original Pad Thai to Yellow Curry and so much more. You'll definitely get some bang for your buck at this place. Recommended is the Pad Curry Powdered Noodles, which comes with pineapple and a flavorful curry taste without too much spice to go along with. 

Check out the rest of the menu: Red Onion Thai Cuisine.

We had such a fun time exploring quite possibly the best street in Portland, NW 23rd. It's filled with fun shops and tasty restaurants, all worthy of crossing off your bucket list. We hope that these four tasty restaurants inspire you to get out explore the immense and unique Portland food scene.