All Michigan students are familiar with the temptation of ordering Pizza House or grabbing a slice from South U Pizza when working at the UgLi long into the night or on the way home from a party, but it can a different and tricky situation when you follow a low-carb lifestyle. As someone who tries to minimize my carb intake, skipping out on the weekly (okay, nightly) 11 PM group feta-bread-and-milkshake orders leaves me feeling bummed and a bit left out.  Luckily, I've found 7 low-carb late night eats in Ann Arbor that are anything but disappointing. 

1. Salad Bowl from BTB

A salad bowl from any Mexican joint is a satisfying option, but BTB's 4 AM closing time and late-night delivery service is a blessing when you need a late-night guac craving fulfilled. BTB is famed on campus for their burritos, but ditching the rice, beans, and tortilla will significantly cut your carbs without sacrificing the complex flavors of the other ingredients. Panchero's on South U also offers the same cuisine with late hours, as does Tio's on East Liberty.

2. Wings from Mr. Spot's

A game day staple known for their Philadelphia-style cheesesteaks, the buffalo-style chicken wings are often overlooked, but don't deserve to be. A choice of BBQ, original hot, garlic parmesan, or "Suicide" sauce is offered, but avoid the sugary BBQ if you're looking to limit your carb intake. And make sure to order traditional, not boneless - the breading on boneless sneakily hikes up the carb count. Still want to experience their famous Philly original or cheese steak sandwiches? Any sandwich sans bread is also a safe option—just ask for a fork.

3. Unwich from Jimmy John's

A super popular and accessible on-campus option with multiple locations, Jimmy John's definitely has a presence among students. Their "unwich" eliminates the carbs by using romaine lettuce in place of the typical French bread, but is still stuffed full of your favorite fillings. Any sandwich can be ordered this way - just specify "unwich" when ordering! This is a healthy, filling option for any time of day, but the late hours and speedy delivery make it a convenient study snack or grab-n-go on the way home from a night out.

4. Hippie Hash from Fleetwood Diner

Fleetwood Diner runs a 24/7 retro-style downtown diner, offering all the traditional fare. But, their signature dish of hippie hash, featuring hash browns topped with grilled green peppers, onions, broccoli, mushrooms, tomatoes, and feta cheese, is definitely not to be missed. Simply request yours be prepared without the hash brown base and you're good to go! Pair it with eggs any style, or order the meaty version of the hash (gyro meat added in) if you're feeling something more hearty. Despite its location downtown, the trek is worth it, and who doesn't love a 2 AM diner experience?

5. Lettuce-Wrapped Frita from Frita Batidos

Frita Batido's is best known for their Cuban-inspired burgers called fritas, served on brioche buns with fries inside. Opt for any frita lighter, which holds the fries & mayo, and swaps the bun for a lettuce wrap (don't be afraid of the mayo, though - it's a staple in low-carb eating!). Another option here is the Light Bright salad , which offers the option to add frita patties and eggs. 

6. Various Wraps and Sides from Amer's

With two locations on State Street and Church Street, Amer's is convenient, fast, and affordable. Though known for their sandwiches, keeping the carbs low is easy by requesting any sandwich on a lettuce wrap instead of bread or pita. Not feeling a wrap? Their entree salads are hearty and filling, and the deli case holds various chicken, tuna, and vegetable salads to grab and go. Open till 12 AM all days of the week, this is a great spot to hit on the way to the stacks for an all-nighter.

7. Stir Frys and Curries from No Thai! 

Though pad thai and drunken noodles are the most popular options at No Thai!, the stir frys and curries without rice are tasty low carb options! The combination of fibrous veggies and protein will leave you satisfied and fueled, no starchy rice needed. To avoid any temptation, request yours be served without the included side of rice. Unfortunately, some sauces may contain high amounts of carbs, so if you are monitoring your intake closely, ask that your meat and veggies be steamed and the sauce be served on the side to control the amount.

Though living a low-carb lifestyle isn't always easy, especially in college when surrounded by temptations, alternatives can be sought, and Ann Arbor is making it increasingly easier to find them. Next time a burrito is calling your name, give a salad bowl a shot. Participate in the No Thai! run, and just ditch the rice. You can even get some feta bread or pizza and simply eat the toppings. If you're lucky, maybe a friend will even take your doughy remains and make a pizza-sandwich with it. It'll take some modifications, but with these flavorful options, you won't ever feel like you're missing out.