To some, food is not a priority, but to Jews, it's a sport. We are approaching the time of year when college-aged Jews are preparing for their pilgrimage to Israel, and I, myself, am getting ready to return to Israel, but this time, with my best friends. Our itinerary includes everything from rafting along the Jordan River to exploring the Old City of Jerusalem, but most importantly it includes all of the amazing food stops that we will make throughout our ten days in the holy land. Here are some of the best meals that you should put on your Birthright itinerary this summer:

1. Benedict, Tel Aviv

Good morning from TLV! Start your busy day at Israel's "Wonderful World of Breakfast," where menu items go from classic Israeli shakshuka to their variety of pancakes that are all lighter than air. You can even stop by after a night out at the clubs, anytime between midnight and eight o'clock in the morning, for your late night eats.

2. The Old Man and the Sea, Tel Aviv

Located in Jaffa, the oldest part of the Tel-Aviv area, the Old Man and the Sea is where the lively atmosphere makes you feel like a local and where you can eat all of the Israeli classics. Start off with 23 different types of salads, from Israeli salad to Tabouleh, that will keep on coming throughout your meal. Although the seafood is fresh as can be, some say an entree is not even necessary, as the appetizers make this dining experience so unique. 

3. Shuk Ha'Carmel, Tel Aviv

Hannah Litt

Spending the afternoon in the Shuk, otherwise known as Carmel Market, is nothing short of an experience. Walking up and down the streets of the market, you will find falafel and shwarma sandwiches stuffed with hummus (and french fries, if you're lucky), candy of all sorts, and even some souvenirs like a basic hamsa necklace. 

#SpoonTip: Your experience will be even better if you go on Friday, while everyone is preparing for their Shabbat meals. You'll really feel like an Israeli.

4. Cafe Xoho, Tel Aviv

On the hunt for a quality food insta? Look no further. At Cafe Xoho, your brunch and coffee cravings will be satisfied. For all of the health nuts–order the Healthy Granola Bowl or eggs any way you like. For those who don't count calories on vacation–order the warmed banana bread or the egg n' cheese bagel. As the Jewish grandmothers always love to say, a bagel a day keeps the doctor away.

5. Lahuhue Original Yemenite, Tzfat

Hannah Litt

Tzfat (Safed) lies in the north of Israel and is known as the "Home of Kabbalah and Jewish Mysticism," exposing years of Jewish art, jewelry, cultural artifacts, and most importantly, food. But some of the best food in Tzfat is from Lahuhue, a Yemenite restaurant. This tiny restaurant is hidden in the small streets of the city but serves the equivalent of a Middle Eastern calzone–traditional Yemenite bread (comparable to pita or naan) with vegetables, spices, and cheese. Perfect to eat on-the-go while walking in this mystical city, or while sitting down and watching the chefs work their magic.

6. Hamami Brothers - Shuk Machane Yehuda,  Jerusalem

In the Shuk, your best souvenirs will be found, and believe it or not, some of the best souvenirs are spices. The Hamami Brothers family business has been around for generations, bringing their items from their Persian roots. Spicy, salty, sweet– you name it, this spice and dried fruit and nuts vendor has it all. You can't go wrong with what you bring home, but the zaatar with blueberries is my family's favorite–we put it on anything and everything. 

7. Marzipan Bakery - Shuk Machane Yehuda, Jerusalem

Hannah Litt

At Marzipan Bakery, the fight for rugelach is like survival of the fittest. Made fresh multiple times a day, this chocolate pastry melts in your mouth starting with the first bite. However, with crowds on your left and right grabbing for the same delicacy, you need to be aggressive to get your batch. Get yours while it's fresh

8. Moshiko Falafel, Jerusalem

Hannah Litt

There's no better way to spend some free time in Jerusalem than walking up and down Ben Yehuda Street. Find yourself some souvenirs, street music, and snacks–especially this crispy falafel. Served with sides of your choice from eggplant to pickles, to Israeli salad–and a huge dollop of hummus, Moshiko is the best place to stop for a bite on the most lively street in Jerusalem.

9. Chakra, Jerusalem

It's pretty tough to get bored of Middle-Eastern food. However,  Chakra, one of Jerusalem's finer restaurants, offers plenty of unique dishes, from spicy tuna bruschetta to shrimp and calamari risotto. This trendy and eclectic restaurant is the perfect place to celebrate the ten amazing days spent with your friends old and new.

10. Aldo, Eilat

Hannah Litt

You haven't experienced a hot summer day in Israel until you've spent one in Eilat, the southernmost tip of the country. On these days, you'll need nothing more than a cold ice cream cone to get through the heat. This Italian style ice cream comes in all different flavors, even vegan and sugar-free, and will make you realize how sweet Israel really is. 

Ten days in the holy land have already gone by, but don't blame me if you've put on ten pounds from all the food on this list. As a foodie myself, I am counting down the days until I return to the holy land of good eats. Between the street vendors, the markets, the restaurants, and the cafes, I can't wait to share all of my amazing finds with my friends.