As far back as the 13th century, people have been making and drinking coffee. The Muslim community drank it during their prayer sessions- which makes sense because coffee is sacred. It’s our go to drink when we wake up, have a long day at work, or have a big test to study for. Let’s face it- we wouldn’t survive college without coffee. A derivation of coffee is something we all love, iced coffee- the original, called Mazagran, was made in Algeria in 1840.

As the weather warms up and we add ice to our delicious beverages, here is a guide to the best iced coffee choices and where to get them around West Chester.

1. Cathey’s Iced Vanilla Latte

Located inside Dia Doce, Cathey’s Coffee Bar is a hidden gem. It serves coffee that is always fresh and delicious. Their iced vanilla latte is a go-to item when you can’t decide from their large menu. Awesome pic thanks to good_vibes_eatery.

2. Fenn’s Iced Divine Caramel 

Need an afternoon pick-me-up? Us too. Thankfully, @fennariowestchester does just that! ☺️ #coffee #shoplocal #westchesterpa #gwcc

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Fenn’s Coffee has two great locations: a food truck located on Church St., and a spot in Downtown West Chester. Each location prides itself of authentic, artisan, and locally sourced coffee.

The divine caramel, which is served both hot and cold, is a double latte with Ghirardelli caramel, cocoa, vanilla, and whipped cream. Check out the @greaterwestchester for more of their pictures of wonderful West Chester.

3. Gemelli’s Affogato

One of Gemelli’s unique items is the Italian Affogato! Two perfect foods combined! It’s like the Italian version of a Root Beer Float. Affogato literally translates from Italian to mean “drowned”. So don’t be surprised when you order one, that your gelato is covered in hot coffee. Gemelli’s location on Market Street opened up in October 2014. As soon as they opened their doors, they immediately made a lasting impression on West Chester. Their owners are from Italy- which means that they know their way around espresso. Pair their amazing affogato with authentically made gelato, cookies, and cakes. Thanks to this awesome photo from @distantrelative.

4. Peloton Cold Brew

Peloton Cold Brew (their Instagram is @PelotonColdBrew) is brewed right in West Chester and is sold around town in places like The Couch Tomato Cafe and Gemelli. The difference between Peloton’s cold brew and regular iced coffee is that Peloton cold brew doesn’t touch heat. While regular iced coffee is just hot coffee over ice, Peloton steeps its coffee in cold water for 24 hours.

5. West Chester Ice Cream and Coffee Bar’s Iced Coffee

West Chester Ice Cream and Coffee Bar is the perfect place to grab that iced coffee on the go because its affordable, locally sourced, and made by super friendly staff. Not only do they have regular coffee, but they’ve got affogatos, ice cream, donuts, and Dia Doce cupcakes. Check out beautiful photos like this one and more on their instagram, @thewestchesterbar

(SpoonTip: Take $1 off their Affogatos on Fridays)

6. Einstein’s Iced Hazelnut Coffee

One of the best places for coffee is just a few feet away from your dorm. While everyone waits in half hour lines for their delicious bagels, I’m craving their coffee. It’s just the right amount of strong and it goes great with a few pumps of hazelnut syrup, and your choice of creamer. Photo thanks to @good_vibes_eatery.

Whether you’re in the mood for regular iced coffee or something new, West Chester has something for you.