Sure, everyone loves Ben and Jerry's—you might even say they have the best ice cream flavors. But, Emack and Bolio's takes ice cream to the next level. Basically every ice cream and mix-in combo you could (and probably have on sleepless nights) dreamt of is at Emack and Bolio's.

Even though some might think that ice cream is just a summer thing, ice cream experts (like myself), know that you can eat ice cream all year round. After dinners with friends or pretty much any occasion, I feel myself being drawn towards Emack and Bolio's because it's irresistible.

Then comes the decision of choosing flavors. Arguably one of the hardest ice cream-related choices ever. For all of those who are flustered when looking at the extensive flavor list, though it was hard, I've compiled a list of the best flavors. 

Serious Chocolate Addiction

The only word to describe this flavor is chocolate. If you’re one of those dainty fragile people who “can’t handle too much sweetness” then this flavor is so not for you.

This ice cream starts with a chocolate base, and has chocolate chips and fudge chunks mixed in. If you’re a serious chocolate addict, then this flavor is calling your name.

Peanut Butter Oreo

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I love everything about this flavor, and unless you're allergic to peanuts, there's no reason why you shouldn't love it too. It combines three of the best things ever to exist; ice cream, peanut butter and Oreos. It's so simple (literally just peanut butter ice cream and Oreos) but one of the best things ever created.

Mud Pie

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Ever had an iced mocha? This is basically an edible version, and it’s unreal. This flavor starts with coffee ice cream (one of my personal favorites), then filled with chocolate chips and Oreos. Like, how amazing?! If you’re craving an iced coffee (because who isn’t all the time) but also want to satisfy your sweet tooth, head over to Emack and get a scoop.

Cookie Monster

When cookie monster said “c is for cookie, and cookie is for me” he was probably talking about this ice cream flavor. This flavor has vanilla ice cream and two forms of cookie—cookie dough and Oreos. There isn’t one person I’ve met who doesn’t like cookies or vanilla ice cream so I'm quite certain that this flavor is a crowd-pleaser.

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If you're feeling extra crazy, add one of the outrageous cones to your ice cream. Flavors range anywhere from a low-key chocolate cone to an extravagant Oreo cone.