Do you like to eat healthy, but still want to indulge in a delicious taste? Greenville is full of delicious, healthy restaurants, and we have found these hidden gems. Make sure to check out these spots that will provide delicious food, but are also good for your body. Treat yo' self while still staying healthy! Here are some of the best healthy restaurants in Greenville, SC.

1. Southern Pressed Juicery

Jillian Eisel

Known for their acai bowls and smoothies, Southern Pressed is about as healthy as they come. Their natural fruit is refreshing, and the cacao nibs, coconut, and drizzle of honey on top of the acai bowls will cure any sweet tooth.

If you're in need of a detox, Southern Pressed has a large selection of juice cleanses designed to target any problem, from bloating to fatigue. Don't forget to check out their refrigerator to try their power balls and parfaits, which you can take home and enjoy later.

Also, if you're in a rush, you can order online and pay ahead of time using their app. Healthy food available right at your fingertips!

#SpoonTip: Make sure to ask for granola on the bottom of your acai bowl. It's delicious and takes your bowl to the next level!

2. Happy and Hale

Jillian Eisel

A recent addition to downtown Greenville, Happy and Hale has everything from juices to protein bowls to poke bowls. If you don't want something from the menu, they also have an extensive salad bar from which you can craft your own.

And if after a healthy meal you want to treat yourself, indulge in their gluten free and vegan free brownies (they can't be too bad for you if they're vegan, am i right?). They even have all day breakfast, featuring acai bowls, breakfast wraps, and next-level avocado toast. Perfect for any time of day!

#SpoonTip: The falafel bowl and protein bowl dressing is super spicy, so if that's not your style, switch it out. Their avocado dressing is a great subsitute!

3. Caviar and Bananas

lettuce, carrot, fork, napkin, balsamic, vinegar, Dressing, cheese, rice, salad
Julia Gilman

Not only is the name super cute, but so is the restaurant! Located in downtown Greenville, Caviar and Bananas has a wide selection of options including a salad bar, sandwich bar, and a hot bar. The beauty of Caviar and Bananas is there isn't just a menu - you have the freedom to create whatever you're craving!

Be sure to check out their large collection of juices and healthy drinks you never even knew existed!

4. Fresh to Order

guacamole, beef, meat, lettuce, bread, sandwich, avocado
Parisa Soraya

Hidden off of Woodruff road, Fresh to Order puts a healthy take on fast food. Featuring paninis, soups, salads, and a wide variety of entrees, Fresh to Order is a great place to satisfy a fast food craving without feeling guilty afterwards.

There are many modifiable options for vegans and vegetarians, and even a separate kids menu for any little ones. 

5. Green Lettuce USA

pepper, spinach, salad, vegetable
Claire Couron

Despite the title, this isn't an ordinary salad restaurant. With a separate lunch and dinner menu, Green Lettuce USA has feature salads such as the Fresh Date Salad and Avocado Salad.

You can bring meat lovers here too, as they offer a variety of kabobs including shrimp, lamb, chicken, and vegetables. And don't overlook the appetizers, which include tasty eggplant and mushroom dishes, so you can start your meal right!

6. The Paddock

bread, sandwich, salad, vegetable, lettuce, cheese
Charlotte Cohen

Although college campuses aren't known for their food, The Paddock is a hidden gem at Furman University. Reopened in 2017, The Paddock uses fresh ingredients to bring healthy alternatives to campus, including vegetarian sandwiches, salads, and burgers.

But fear not, The Paddock is not just open to Furman students, it's open to the public too. Go enjoy a nice walk around Furman's beautiful lake or a hike on the Swamp Rabbit Trail, and end your day with a satisfying and healthy meal here!

7. Zoe's Kitchen

sweet, cream, hummus, vegetable
Paige Twombly

Mediterranean Food meets the south. Zoe's Kitchen offers an outstanding selection of natural and vegetarian options. From soups to pitas to kabobs, Zoe's Kitchen has a little bit of something for everyone.

If you're a hummus lover, and even if you aren't, their hummus trio is the appetizer to try - once you take a bite you'll wish it wasn't for sharing.

Now that you know my seven favorite healthy restaurants in Greenville, you can indulge without guilt. With fresh ingredients, these places aren't only delicious, but they're nutritious too. This food will have you eating good and feeling even better!